That Alpha woman in you- she's always been there- whether you've let her shine or not. So many of us have been conditioned to believe that being an Alpha Woman is bad, with derogatory terms galore that vilify the strong, powerful, embodied woman- you know the words I'm talking about. You've probably been called them yourself.

It's exactly the fear of being called these names that lead many women to hold back, not speak up, give away your power or hide in fear of being in your fullness in every area of your life. Maybe you let yourself shine in one area, but being in your full glory in ALL areas- well now that's just WAY TOO MUCH. 

I believe we are at a time where the more women step fully into their power, the more we have a chance to not only change our own lives, but also the lives around us AND the industries & communities we are a part of.

For centuries {heck- millennia!} strong women have been the backbone of what makes our communities prosper; while at the same time, being TOO strong/ too opinionated/ too powerful has been a detriment. ALPHA aims to change that story and help YOU step fully into what you are meant to do in the world by dropping the fear that you are too much. Because woman- the time of holding ourselves back in order to be Not Too Much is OVER.

We need your Too Much. We need your Voice. We need your Brilliance.

And to get there, it's time to accept being an Alpha Woman in all of the unique ways you bring to the table. And ALPHA is designed to help you do exactly this.

ALPHA is the VIP Level experience for working with me with the highest levels of support I have EVER offered, including:

  • Up to 4 Sessions per month for a Full Year

  • A private, full-day Intensive in San Diego {This is now my only program that includes a private Intensive}

  • Regular phone or Voxer check-ins in addition to sessions as needed

  • Enrollment in all 4 Feminine Warrior Weekend events that occur during your APLHA enrollment {2019 dates can be found HERE}

  • Enrollment in The Fierce Collective {$2,000 value}

  • Priority response to all emails, texts, voice messages and more

  • Structured accountability custom crafted to your needs

  • And more!

There are currently four spaces available in Alpha. Once these spaces are filled this program will not be available until next year.

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Working with Jen has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She really understands the challenges of being smart and ambitious while also working with fears around worthiness and being successful. Jen is the perfect blend of intuitive and practical, and has helped me in so many ways. She has helped me create a relationship with money and my finances that is sustainable, profit-oriented, and actually feels fun. She has helped me deeply understand my body and how to listen to the signals my body is sharing with me in order to be at optimum health and happiness. She has also helped me learn how to set boundaries and speak up for what I need in all areas of my life- work, relationships, family, scheduling, and more. Jen is kind, she is fierce, and she has helped me be a better version of me than I realized was possible. If you want to feel truly worthy in your own skin and have a relationship with your body and your own power that is balanced, solid, and expansive, she’s the person to reach out to!
— Kate Marolt