The Revolution
“Run from what’s comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. I have tried prudent planning long enough. From now on I’ll be mad” ~ Rumi

Hello love,

I know it's been a while since I last wrote- it feels simultaneously like forever and like I was just here yesterday. Time can be funny that way when we are living life and creating, you know?

I wrote you a long update, then deleted it, and decided that simple was best. So much has been happening here behind the scenes since returning to the United States in September from Bali, where I journeyed to begin writing my book- The Worthiness Revolution.

I knew when I said yes to writing this book that it would change me. I just had no idea how much- and I'm only halfway complete. It's rearranging me on every level with a cadence of:

Live >> Embody >> Write about it >> Go deeper>> Embody Further >> Live >> Embody >> Write about it...

Which means that most of the time, I'm not actually writing, but rather I'm living & embodying {When you are writing a book about embodiment, it's pretty important!}. But when the words finally do flow, it's like a flood I can barely contain. Rumi puts the experience brilliantly in the opening quote.

It's beautiful. It's raw. It's breathtaking.

And it's been incredibly uncomfortable being the woman who wants it done & out in the world. It’s been uncomfortable to Trust the soul of this book has a plan my logical mind can’t yet see. It’s been uncomfortable to sit in the writers block & questions of when it will be published {or HOW- the mystical how....} & not trying to prove a damn thing with her. 

Because worthiness isn't about proving. In fact, worthiness is about no longer needing to prove a damn thing at all. 

This entire process is not allowing me to force it. It is not allowing me to NOT embody it. It is not allowing me to hide behind what the nice thing to say is or the easy topics.

And it's made it really difficult to write, record, or express myself in any way other than by pouring my heart out into the pages of the book itself. Hence why no words have been published here, I've been on social media less than usual, and I've had to take a break from the podcast, giving interviews and more.

I've sprinkled parts of the book in social media posts, with an amazing response. This post HERE on Facebook of the opening of the book was shared over 40 times and I still get emails from people just seeing it telling me how impactful it is. 

In many ways, it's been a Revolution of my own soul, my own life, my own body simply in the creation- and I know without a shadow of a doubt how revolutionary this work around worthiness will be- and already is. You can see it happening in the media, in conversations, in the rising up of the feminine in many ways, shapes and forms.

And this Worthiness Revolution has only just begun.

I definitely now see why so many authors go hide in a cabin for months to complete their works- it's a journey that takes us to the depths of our souls. But the topic of this book has everything to do with being more fully IN the world, IN our communities, IN our bodies that for me, fully living life at the same time is the ONLY way that feels in alignment to write it. And so through this process, it's led me to feeling more engaged, more alive, more in flow and more of service than perhaps ever before.

But perhaps the biggest change has been a rush of something wholly unexpected: JOY.

All of a sudden, the things that were causing friction, distractions, distress or conflict in my life either forced me to act to remove them, or simply disappeared. And with this JOY has come a fresh energy in my work with clients that I'm so excited to invite you to that I can only describe as GRACE.

For this reason, before I head back into the writing cave until the first draft of The Worthiness Revolution is complete, I have a few announcements below:

1. A Guided Meditation Gift

2. Four Spaces are open in my One-on-One programs

3. Enrollment for my LAST group program until 2020- The Unbridled Wealth Collective-  is now open

Please read below for details on each of these announcements. If you know you want to participate but aren't sure what is the right fit for you, please click HERE to set up a time with me to discuss.

1. A GIFT!

For several years now I have had a 'secret weapon' that I gift to all of my clients to help reclaim and stand in their power- DAILY. This is a short meditation aimed at clearing your system of any power that you may be holding onto from others, and call all of your power back to you.

I have an entire chapter dedicated to this alone on Boundaries, Power & Intuition, but in some cases, our logical brain doesn't need to know what our body most definitely needs. 

So for the first time ever outside of my 1:1 programs, I'm gifting this meditation for you to have for your own use. I like to practice this every evening as I'm going to sleep, and sometimes during the day if I feel a particularly funky energy hanging around me, I can't make a decision, or I feel like I have no power in a situation.

You can download the Power Meditation HERE.

2. My only Group Program until 2020

Yes- you read that correctly. My only group program for the next two years is now open for Enrollment: Unbridled Wealth Collective!

Last year I had a bit of a Come-to-Jesus moment with the online coaching world and my place in it. Suffice it to say, it reached a head while I was in Bali and had everything to do with what I am writing about in the book. After months of sitting with what feels right and what no longer does, I am happy to open enrollment in this program.

In the Unbridled Wealth Collective, we will be strapping on our boots to become Worthiness Warriors and journeying through the Eight Pillars of True Wealth:

Financial Freedom, Body Vitality, Ambition, Destiny/ Purpose, Relationships, Power & Boundaries, Light & Shadow Dancing and Divine Connection

To have any discussion around stepping fully into our power and becoming a Worthiness Warrior, we must begin to develop a relationship with these 8 Pillars of Wealth. The Unbridled Wealth Collective is your opportunity to do so in an intimate group setting.

This relationship is one that develops over time, with space to move, breathe, and live. Which does not happen in 8 weeks, 12 weeks or even a few months. For this reason, I will be running this program for at least 18 months, if not longer, with no artificial time constraints. We journey as a group until we feel complete. No more, no less. 

Your one time enrollment fee gets you in for life. No monthly payments. No deciding once a year if you want to continue. Only a Yes and a commitment are needed to join us.

And the best part? You will get exclusive access to content from The Worthiness Revolution way before the book is published, and be in community with other women deeply committed to embodying their own worth as well.

To enroll, click HERE. There is a special price available until Tuesday, February 6th and a payment plan until then as well. I hope you join us!

** I will not be running any other group program for at least 2 years besides this group, so if you have been wanting to work with me outside of 1:1 this is the only way to do so. If the time is now, trust it. **

3. Four spaces are available in my One-on-One Programs!

Part of my reckoning in writing this book has involved a bone-deep commitment to my One-on-One work. Many have been asking me if I am still taking new clients, and the answer is a resounding YES.

If one of the below speaks to you, please set up a time to discuss with me HERE.

I currently have 4 spaces available for enrollment in either:

Initiate: In this 3 month journey together, we turn the heat up to full blast to intensely address your deepest desires in walking the path of becoming who you wish to be. While this journey is the shortest time-wise of what I offer, it by no means is less potent. In fact, with the intense focus of lightening to bring to light the darkest places, we have the power for fast, furious transformation. 

Embody:  For most, a longer adventure is what is needed to purify, heal, grow and vision into the future. Embody is your ally to help facilitate this process of walking this path with grace and fire. There is something burning deep in your soul and if you continue to ignore it, life will continue to give you the sticky & tricky situations you keep manifesting. Pain, heartbreak, drama, getting close but not quite where you want to be... and so much more.

Now is a time in your life when you are being called to stand in your power, declare what you wish to do and create- and get out there and do it. 

Revolution: You have a vision. You know the path you are on. And you are ready to do what it takes to bring this vision to reality. To do so, it's time to get laser-focused on what it will take to bring this vision to life: The Inner Work as well as the Outer Courageous Actions. It's the process of getting so clear within yourself & so solidly in your power so that when you unleash your arrow, there is nothing that can stop it from hitting your desired target.

Revolution is my highest-level program in which I work with you closely for 15 months in the development of your business and your inner world/ mindset so that you are truly unstoppable in bringing your visions to life.

All three include enrollment in the Unbridled Wealth Collective.

If one of the above speaks to you, please set up a time to discuss with me HERE.

My hope is to have my book completed within the next 2 months and return to more writing and sharing here. The depth of appreciation I have for each and every one of you being here and reading my words means more to me that I can ever express. 

In moments when the writing has been hard, I imagine that you are an army behind me helping me move forward in finding the words we all need to read, hear & embody right now. 

So while I may be quiet here for a few more months, I do hope you stick around because what is coming is something I can not wait to birth into the world.

If you have any questions about the programs above or would like to discuss further, please just reply to this email or book a consult HERE to speak with me directly.

Wherever you are in your journey, I hope you are having an amazing 2018 so far!!

In Liberation + Celebration,

Jen Blackstock

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A Manifesto + the Fierce Feminine Society Begins Today
equinox photo0205.jpg

Hello Worthiness Warrior,

This email is not what I had planned to send to you this week. On Sunday night, I sat at my computer putting together a letter for you, to be sent Monday morning, with my latest podcast episode and an invitation to join my newest group that begins today, when all of a sudden everything in my body screamed: Not Now.

I've learned to listen to those nudges, even when they make absolutely zero sense or go firmly against 'the plan'. 

At the time of course, I had no idea what was happening in Las Vegas. I couldn't have known that a few hours later news alerts on phones across the country would go off with what felt more like a movie headline than real life. I spent most of yesterday morning first numb, then horrified, then really bloody angry.

Frankly- I wanted to close my heart down, ignore what was happening and push back the start of the group. I felt naked, stripped down, and for a few hours- couldn't see why in a time of so much hope, so many horrible things have been happening around the world. 

But then, as I talked to my husband and we processed the events unfolding, as well as major decisions in our own life that we recently made, I found myself simultaneously softening into the tenderness of the moment, as well as strengthening in my courage & convictions to showing up even more in how I'm being Called to in my life right now.

Soft & Fierce.

Strong & Tender.

Courageous & Surrendered.

The essence of the Fierce Feminine.

The armor of the Worthiness Warrior.

The heart of an Unbridled Life.

From this place, I asked myself the following question:

What if I dared to Open?

What if dared to do things differently?

What if this life I live isn’t just being a woman, a body, a human… but instead goes deeper than the surface, higher than I could ever imagine, more magical than I can dream possible?

What if my visions aren’t just wishes, but are actually remembrances of who I AM?

What if I told you… all of this is possible, and more? 

For thousands of years, women have been in hiding.

Hiding from the world. Hiding behind the veils of supposed tos, obligations and shoulds. 

Hiding from ourselves. From our power. From our sexuality.

Hiding from our TRUTH.

Now, it’s time to rise up. It’s time to do things a different way.

Your way.

And you no longer need to do it alone. 

We’re at a time in history like no other, when the chains have been broken, the bridles have been removed, and the freedom to express yourself freely is coming into the light.

You have a path. You have a Destiny. You are a

Worthiness Warrior.

It’s time for you to start living, to come fully ALIVE .

By joining ancient techniques, theories and stories with modern day tools to guide you into living a life created by you, for you- free from the things that are holding you back.

All you have to do is Dare to Open…. and step into your own Worthiness Revolution.


Then the only question is:

Who do you want to embody?

Are you bold & fierce? Full of courage to hold your boundaries, dance with the shadows of those things that no longer serve you, and chose another way? 

Are you regal & fair, ready to step into your Queen as Seer into Truth and Destiny?  

Are you primal & free? Wild bacchanalia, wine and music and one with nature, with the earth? 

Are you wise, older than your years, always knowing what to do, how to heal, how to live eternally? 

Or are you love in the flesh. Aphrodite and Venus and a heart so big, so open, you could love the entire world and yourself and still have more love to share.  

These are some of the faces of the Fierce Feminine. These are your portals into becoming the change you so want to see in your life, your community, our world.

In reality- you already ARE all of them. You are ALL, and ONE, and HERE. You already are the alchemy of human & divine merging together- always.


All you have to do is Open. Surrender. Trust in Grace.

This isn’t about change in ways you've known change before. You won’t become someone you are not, or some version of yourself that no one recognizes. 


This is about utter transformation through subtle changes and shifts. Transformation by working with the alchemy of the universe in the space of community to step into your own version of YOU- and bring that force into the world.

So you can be fierce. So you can be brave. So you can be love. So you can be free in your body.


This is the Church of You Are Your Own Guru.

This is the power of tribe and community to lift you up, teach you more, and be your mirror in whatever ways you need.

This is the land of doing things your way, on your terms, trusting where your Unbridled soul wants to go.

So join me in stepping into your Destiny.





I'm done with being subtle about what we as women need to do to step it up and rise up. I hear so many talking about change or spending hours on social media debating what we need to do or tearing other women apart for having different views. For me, I'm done with the talk & distractions that are only creating more separation.

I've always believed that any revolution starts within each of our hearts- sometimes it's a spark that incites a wildfire, other times it's a slow burn. It doesn't matter if you work for yourself, have a corporate job, don't work at all, or are still just trying to figure it all out- the fire is within you, and she's ready to come forward.

We have the power to change things from the inside.

We have the power to truly stand up as warriors in the way that only women can.

We have the power to bring the Feminine to all of the places she is needed in our world right now.

But it's up to us to do something about it in ways that feel in alignment for each of you. For each this will be different- and that's the point. 

If you are ready to join an intimate community of women who are opening up to what the Fierce Feminine means to them, then the invitation is open for you to join us.

The first call is this afternoon. {Though if you can't join by then, all calls are recorded so you won't miss a thing!}.

To learn more, please click HERE.

If you know you're IN, you can join directly HERE.

The Revolution is happening- the only question that remains is:

Are you ready to join us?

In Liberation + Celebration,

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Worthiness vs. Success
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Hello Warrior,

For far too long we have been seduced into walking a path that did not lead us to ourselves. 

For far too long we have said yes when we wanted to say no. 

And for far too long we have said no when we desperately wanted to say yes. . . .

When we don't listen to our intuition, we abandon our souls. 

And we abandon our souls because we are afraid if we don't, others will abandon us.

― Terry Tempest Williams

I am thrilled to announce that the podcast is back! To make up for lost time, over the next 9+ weeks I'm running a special series on Worthiness Revolution Radio entitled:

Worthiness Bootcamp

Worthiness Bootcamp will be taking us straight into the heart of how millions of people are rising up to claim their worthiness. We'll be exploring topics ranging from our bodies & sexuality to ambition to our intuition- and more.

Tonight the first episode is ready that lays the foundation- What is the difference between Worthiness vs Success, and how can you begin working with this TODAY.  

According to proper definitions:

Worthiness is the quality of being good enough; the quality of deserving attention or respect.

Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose; the attainment of popularity or profit; a person or thing that achieves desires aims or attains prosperity.

In the old paradigm that ruled the land before the Revolution, the words worthiness and success were often interchangeable. Your level of worthiness to the outside world was reflected in your salary, income, social status, and many other external markers of success.

For many there developed a subconscious belief that one was only worthy if they achieved various levels of material success:

He’s worthy because he’s a partner at the law firm.

She’s worthy because she married a CEO.

He’s worthy because his record hit platinum.

She’s worthy because she received the big book advance and sold a million copies.

He’s worthy because he lives in the high-end neighborhood.

She’s worthy…..

I hope you get my point by now. Our place in society and our imagined sense of self-worth was intricately tied to how much we made and what our social status was. And in many ways, we are still living this old paradigm of measurements of success- and therefore of worthiness.

But if we look at the definitions, they are in no way the same thing. In fact, it could be argued that they actually have nothing to do with each other. 

He is worthy simply for being alive. She is worthy simply for existing. And therefore they both deserve attention and respect.

And then the outward manifestations of success become markers of various achievements of one’s life highlighting their own unique path, not indicators of how worthy or unworthy they are at their core.

Sounds straightforward, but for oh- several thousand years this link between the two became the measure of one’s worth. 

Old Paradigm:

If you have all of the outward signs of material wealth and success, that must equal that you were a worthy human being. And if you don’t have those external markers, then there must be some inherent lack in your worthiness that was causing it. Which then perpetuates upon itself.

But with the rise of The Worthiness Revolution came with it a shift. No longer did the outward manifestations indicate the true measure of one’s worth. 

Instead, the true measure of one’s worth became simply the 

New Paradigm:

You are worthy. 

I am worthy.

Each of us born onto this earth is worthy.

To listen to the entire episode, please click HERE or the image below. I would love to hear how the exercises in this episode go for you, so please do respond.


Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

In Liberation + Celebration,

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