Going All In

I have a burning question for you- Have you ever felt a calling to change something in your life, follow a different path, or try something new that makes no sense- but you don’t know why?

Did you follow it and see where it led you, or stay where you were and always wondered what ‘could have been’?

As many of you have noticed, I’ve been writing a lot lately about following one’s heart & living fully. I’ve always believed in listening when your body is sending you a message or your Soul is calling out for something in your life, and so I have spent the past 9 months deep in a spiritual practice and constant conversation with my Soul, all leading me to ask of myself- How am I being called to be of my utmost service to the world right now?


What I have realized in these long days and nights of inquiry is that I am utterly and completely devoted to working with individuals who are experiencing some sort of pain or barrier in their life- be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual- to transform that pain, get to the root cause of it, bust through it and use it as a catalyst to inspire change and action towards fully living one’s best version of life possible. And in this deep desire of mine to be in service, I need to constantly be bringing the best combination of my skills, knowledge and resources to each and every one of you who I touch and help. To me, this is not just a job or a way that I pay my bills- This is a Calling, and one in which I am completely surrendered in service and devotion.

I have a secret to confess: I’ve always felt like I am a secret agent spiritual mentor disguised under the cloak of a CranioSacral Therapist. Over the past several years, I have wanted to rip off that cloak and reveal who I really am, and begin working with you in an entirely different way. Something deep in my soul has been calling out for me to reveal more of this, and so following this intuition and inspired by the following quote from the master Osho, I began to take action:

“This world is a strange world, and the strangest thing is that we go on trying to change the inner by changing the outer- and it is not possible in the very nature of things. You can change the outer by changing the inner, but not vice versa.”

With this in mind, I asked myself- if there is pain manifesting in the body or something blocking you from living a life you truly love, what if instead of just adjusting and ‘fixing’ the outer manifestation (which very often returns), we instead go inward and explore the internal spectrum- spiritual, energetic, and emotional- that is causing this pain, and work from that place to heal instead? Then once the inner pain is identified, we could use energetic, self-care and other techniques to heal the outer manifestation if needed. With all of my studies, knowledge of the energetic systems and different ‘languages’ that the body speaks through in pain, I began to secretly Beta Test with some lucky souls a new way of working one-on-one to address healing the outer by first addressing the inner, via virtual/ phone connection.

What I discovered through this process ripped my heart wide open when I realized: working in this capacity, combining the energetic healing with the spiritual & emotional work from the comfort of your own home {from anywhere in the world} truly embodies the greatest access to healing that I can conceive of, and creates the space for the best of my abilities to alchemize lasting transformation for YOU, the client, that I could never have dreamed possible before.


As one long-time client who switched to virtual work recently said, “It feels like up until now the table has just been a ‘prop’ you have been using, and this work- the deep energetic intuitive work- is where the real magical transformation happens.” 

The results, transformation, and healing have been incredible, and quite frankly I had no idea just how powerful it would be when I started to hear the Calling to do it.

Last week, I announced my formal, multi-month programs to be offered virtually- meaning anyone can work with me from anywhere in the world as long as you have a phone or internet connection. These programs and methodology I use is the culmination of years of working with thousands of you directly combined with my study of the spiritual realms, with the aim of bridging the gap between the two to create:

  • lasting healing through the use of energetic techniques, spiritual mentorship and intuitive coaching
  • easier access to working directly with me that allows you freedom of location
  • tools for you to learn these techniques to use in your own life regardless of your profession
  • a relationship with your own intuition and how to listen to what it is saying and take action
  • and, best of all, transformation that allows you to ROCK a life that you fully & completely love and embrace


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