The Art of the Sacred Pause

“Being “in the gap” can be disorienting and even scary. Nothing to hold on to, no sense of direction, not even a hint of what choices and possibilities might lie ahead. But it was just this state of pure potential that existed before the universe was created. Relax into the no-thingness…fall into this silence between the words…watch the gap between the outgoing and incoming breath. And treasure each empty moment of the experience. Something sacred is about to be born.“

~ Osho


I’m receiving so many emails from clients and friends this week feeling the darkness of the Winter Solstice, of change and unrest and revolution in the world and in our souls. I’m feeling it as well as I begin to transition into new depths of my work and deepening in my commitment to live fully present in the fire of my truth — there is such beauty in this dark and infinite space even when it feels scary or ‘too much’.

It’s the time of year. The darkness bleeding into the light. The honoring of the old Great Mystery- like that of Eleusis, the druids, and even of Jesus Christ: in order to rise in our glory and grow, we must first surrender into the darkness. Willing to go to the depths and the dark, to seek out the shadows. To face our rage and anger and terror and deepest fears, so we can then find our courage to move forward.

This is the way of the Inner Warrior, and I believe we are all called- on some level- to honor this fight with love, grace and beauty- when we make the choice to fully live.

Because you see, we are all already beaming radiant light. You came here with a purpose- we all did. Each and every one of us.

But we also came here to work through our shit. To face those things that are hiding our light from shining- brightly. It’s sort of what this human experience is all about- coming here as a Divine being, and being willing to walk through the flame of the darkness to burn away anything and everything that is standing in our way.

Which is not easy work- I’ll be the first to tell you I’ve fallen on my knees in prayer, begging lately to be done with “The Work”, feeling like I don’t have it in me to keep digging, burning and healing.

At times, it’s all felt like too much.

Which is why this time of Winter Solstice for us here in the Northern Hemisphere is so utterly important.


A chance to go inward, reflect, BE with yourself, and LISTEN.

Listen to what moves you.

Listen to what no longer serves.

Listen to those heart whisperings, soul calling, and mindfucks that are all competing for your attention endlessly.

Listen to what you really want. Really need. And find your strength to take action on those steps.

The magic of this space is what I used to speak about often in my CranioSacral practice- reaching the still point where there is no movement, just pure empty space of potential for anything to be created or born.

I myself have been in the energy of the Sacred Pause for the past 3 months or so, and while at times dark and full of fear, it’s also been one of the most empowering, beautiful, fun and heart opening spaces of my life. And I’m getting ready to write more about it when the time is right.

But the gift of my Sacred Pause gave me the time to go inward and get crystal clear on what I want, and let go of those things that no longer serve by listening to my own inner wisdom- which has been priceless.

So for this Winter Solstice, a ritual for creating your own Sacred Pause and an announcement that has arisen from my own.


Sometime this week {as close to the Solstice today as possible, but totally not necessary} I invite you to carve out some intentional time for yourself. This could be an hour, a day, a week or even possibly, creating an opportunity for yourself to be in this space for an extended period of time in whatever way feels right. It could be a break from therapy, or a personal retreat alone, or some other version that feels good.

The key here is to begin with an hour, and first:


Spend time cultivating your inner stillness, and notice what is coming up for you in the sacredness of stillness. This is the space were you find your truth yes- but also your fears and darkness that are holding you back from fully honoring that truth.

What do you hear in this space? Is it answers to a question that’s been weighing on you? Is it the fear of letting go? Is it an idea that feels so impossible it can not possibly be meant for you- yet it is?

Can you have the courage to hear what your soul is telling you?



Based on what you heard, are there things that you are meant to burn away? Thoughts or ideas, patterns or relationships, jobs or contracts? What is coming up for you to release and burn away, so you can be truly free?

This one may take some time. You may need to do this ritual several times or over the course of several months to get really clear on what is ready to be released into the fire.

And to work through the fear and initiations that tend to come with these answers.

Yes- you may hear it’s time to leave that job or relationship. But in order to do so with integrity, you must also face all the fears you have that are in the way of making it happen.

You may hear things you don’t want to hear. Wish you could ignore. Pray to not be true. Answers that feel scary- even if they are really amazing like it’s time to write a book or move forward in a relationship.

Guess what- fear comes up around amazing things too.

This is where trust comes in. Trust that the flame is already inside of you and you know what you need, when you need it.

To honor this, you can either imagine throwing these into the fire, or you can create a real fire (safely of course) and throw papers, images or other representations into the fire to allow them to be consumed by the flames.

And the next step:


So now you know what needs to change, or at least what needs to go at some point soon.

Can you vision your desires in it’s place? What do you want to call in? What dreams are ready to be born.

Spend some good time with this. Really feel it all in your body. What it would be like, feel like, look like if you had this thing or made this change. Go big. Don’t let your fears tell you it’s not possible, or isn’t real.



I like to add throwing these into the fire as well- a true letting go and surrender to however, whenever and in what form they choose to arrive.

And finally, and with no surprise:


As if it has already happened. If you’ve been with me for a while, you know the deal here. If you are new, I invite you to explore my site here to learn more about the importance of celebration in the journey of the Inner Warrior.

This ritual can take time, and sometimes needs to happen over a series of weeks or months. Give yourself the gift of a Sacred Pause if you feel her call. Cancel your appointments. Take a break from your programs. Say no to that commitment. Whatever you need to give yourself ample time and opportunity to go INWARD.

I myself have been in a Sacred Pause for the past 3 months. I felt the need to go in and let go of all of the distractions and noise. To not seek any advice and instead listen to what my own heart was saying.

I took a break from participating in programs and trainings, said no to a lot of amazing opportunities that just didn’t feel like the right timing. I spoke my truth in places I had been terrified of doing so. I said good-bye to a few friendships. I’ve cancelled all my travel for 2015 unless it’s for pleasure. I let it all go, burned it all away knowing- if it was meant to come back, it would when the time was right.

I stood in the fire. I made friends with the flame. And I found an aspect of myself that I never dreamed possible but feels so free, so right, she must have been there all along.

Jennifer BlackstockComment