Opening to Grace

It's so wonderful to be back in this space and hearing from so many of you last week.

Thank you to those of you who were on the first Live broadcast of my radio show/ podcast! The response has blown my heart wide open and I can't wait to continue to share more in this new medium!

You can catch the replay of The Unbridled Life Podcast Episode 1: The Return HERE.

All podcasts can also be found on Soundcloud. The Return can be found on Soundcloud HERE.

In the episode I began to share some of what happened in life and business here over the summer and reintroduced the core Manifesto of The Unbridled Life. There were clear messages delivered and let me say- by the end, the room was smoking with all the fire we whipped up.

But one of the things I didn't touch on was what happened after we moved this summer.  To the outside world, it looked like we had landed our dream home- and in many ways we did- without a doubt.

But when I referred in my last email to the waiting and fighting and the final THUMP as we hit the ground was a phenomenon I'd always heard of, but had never experienced:

Yes- taking the big scary leap, therefore stepping fully into the next level of expansion, facing that nastiest of fears- for me, it's being homeless- and truth is we almost lost the space in a storm of potential disaster days before moving in with no option to stay where we were.

Hanging from the ledge we found our feet and met our wings, but once that fear was faced and made friends with, this phenomenon happened-

I finally had no more literal or metaphorical space for the excuses.

Everything I need to finally step into my visions and create what I felt called to do was here, right in front of me.

And even potential disaster couldn't stop it.

So every excuse in my book was challenged. And that was when my body asked for a Hard Stop to:

Re-evaluate every way I was showing up in the world

Challenge every excuse of why not- why I wasn't offering retreats, why I hadn't started the podcast yet, why I didn't want to travel anymore and had started to say No to things I normally would have been a full Hell Yes to.

Which were all excuses masked as too much, not enough, or that's not possible.

Have you ever experienced this? What is your version of the excuses that are keeping you stuck and stagnant?

These excuses ultimately just stand in the way of who we are and who we say we want to become. And they are slippery buggers- we often don't even realize they were there until we take that Hard Stop, hit Reset and see just how much we stand in our own way.

I promise you each time you take steps to expand, these excuses will rear up and try to buck you off course. But it's your right and I venture to say your responsibility to hold tight, make friends with them, and show them who is boss.

And I can definitely promise you, every time you step into expanding financially, you will be met with the excuses that challenge your worth and your value. The more you can make friends with this the more you can keep expanding, creating and growing beyond what you believe possible.

Which is crucial right now, and absolutely necessary-

Because ladies and gentlemen, in case you haven't noticed, the time is Now for each us is to step up and become who we came here to be.

So face head on what needs to go, get real about who/ what/ where you really want to serve, and examine every way you are walking in the world.

And get cozy with an even more slippery truth about Destiny & our Callings:

Just because we are great at something and people say it's brilliant/ genius/ insert your own version of the story,

That doesn't mean it's your Calling (right now or maybe ever) and it certainly doesn't mean you need to keep doing it if it no longer feels right.

So in my version, tough decisions were made. Getting really real with my desires took place. And I created something from those ashes that I'm chomping at the bit to reveal in its entirety very very soon.

But more importantly I realized that as we evolve and continue on the adventure of life & this soul journey, we will continuously be stepping into new Callings, into new ways of being, into new heights of expansion.




Thank you for being here, for your support, and for all of the wonderful magic we are creating. The time is NOW loves- are you Ready to fully step in and go for it?

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