The Way Love Moves

Last week, I left a sacred holy ground of fire and purification to venture into a new land of water and flow just a few miles down the road and steps from the Pacific Ocean. When it’s time for change, forces will conspire to make sure you are listening: rent increases and unexpected opportunities, offers of help from places you never thought it would come, breaking down of structures you thought were so solid but are still vulnerable to the shifting tides of life and love.

In short: in a series of 8 weeks, the Goddess handed me a slight ass-kicking to get off the pot and DO something about all the dreams and visions I’ve been talking about all these years.

When it’s time, it’s time.

And often we just have to get out of our own way to allow it to happen. newspace After we moved-in to what is soon to become Sacred Flame Studios last Thursday, I posted a picture of our private loft home that sits above the work space we will turn into a movement/ embodiment temple. Many responses of congratulations came pouring in, but one has been sitting with me ever since:

This is a dream! Teach me your ways!

I chuckled when I received this comment on Facebook, because the path to getting here- especially in the past 8 weeks- has been anything BUT a dream.

You know when they say that you are this close to the treasure, the gnarliest and nastiest of shadows will appear to make sure you are truly ready?

Yeah- that happened.

And she was a terrible shadow to face- the shadow of Fear of Failure. The monster of Losing It All. The Medusa turning all my hard work, blood, sweat and tears into stone- seemingly never to be in the flow again.

In short: The shadow of risking it all, exposing it all…. possibly losing it all.

And the sword that finally slayed this shadow: Raw, open-hearted vulnerability with all of those I love and mastering the Art of Asking.

Ahem: asking for help is my achilles heel, and what they say is true- to get where you wish you to be, you must often do the thing that scares you the most.

So then it came back to that inquiry: Teach me your ways!

See here’s the thing- I already do that. In my flag-ship program HERE. And HERE in a group setting. Newly added in a new format just today HERE. And most definitely in my most comprehensive way HERE (there is one space remaining in this one).

There is a sacred transmission that happens when money is exchanged for knowledge and when we make the commitment with our hearts to walk the Sacred Way.

But the Goddess- she’s funny sometimes. Her love comes in many shapes and sizes, forms and flows, and what feels right one day may be totally wrong the next. What worked in the past may no longer work. The dance that turned you on once before may feel like metal to your heart a few months later.

It’s how She moves. It’s how LOVE moves.

One day love comes rushing in like a fierce fire- invoking passion and purifying in one fierce flame.

The next day She lingers- sultry and sweet- caressing your skin with a warm, hot, soft embrace.

Then the next She inspires a flow, a fire more like a river- carrying your soul to wisdom and knowledge that will guide you towards the next steps of your destiny.

All the while, asking you to embrace your courage and strength to move with that Sacred Flame rather than against it.

“If it doesn’t scare you, it isn’t Real”- Unknown source. Personal Daily Mantra.

I’m going to be straight with you here- moving with Love and Awakening to who you truly are isn’t an easy task. Dancing with the Sacred Flame is going to bring up some- or a lot- of things to be healed. Going with the flow is way easier said than done.

But isn’t that what you want anyway? To be totally awake, totally present, totally HERE.

Being in this space is stepping into a broader expansive place of being. Which is one part terrifying and one part exhilarating.


Because it’s vulnerable.

Because to get here, you needed to break your heart wide open and at times, allow it to shatter completely.

Because some days, that vulnerability can feel destructive- yet also brings you closer to who you really are and the wholeness we all can embody.

And all the while, you’ll find the heartbeat of LOVE- true, unwavering, unadulterated love for yourself, for the Divine, for the people who mean the most in your life.

The deeper the contraction, the bigger the expansion. The more you allow the structure to fall away, the more you’ll find the natural rhythm.

The more you surrender to whatever your body wants, the more the Deep Mysteries reveal themselves.

And what is left is always the gold that comes from being willing to enter the alchemical fire.

And what you'll learn is that this is the way LOVE moves.

In opening and expanding, contracting and shattering, stepping in the fire and out of it again to be back in the flow. Knowing when to proceed, and when to set a boundary.

Dancing with the knowing that no matter what happens, you always have the courage to invite more LOVE in.

To go deeper.

To push the edge.

To have the power to create or destroy- and know that both are essential on the path.

To venture into experiences that may have scared you in the past. Or deal with uncomfortable situations that you could never have dreamed of.

It’s these realizations which have become clear over the past few weeks in stepping into the new.

Just like Love.

And this my friends, is The Way that Love Moves.

She lures us in with her song, she heats us with her flame. She dances with our desires and sings with our dreams. She whispers to us the things we long for.

She shows us the answers- when we are ready to see them.

And she gives us the courage to go there when the time is just right.

So how is LOVE moving in your life right now? Is She a quiet flame on a candle burning throughout the night, containing Her energy for when the time is right? Or is She a bonfire of explosion? Is She a soft and gentle ripple, or a warrior going off to fight the battle of Her life? Is She soft, or fierce? Is She struggling so hard to stay lit that She may burn out from the exhaustion?

Or is She begging to be something other than, ready to step fully into the flow- and waiting for your mind and actions to come along?

The beautiful thing- each of these and a million more ways are all perfect.

You just need to be willing to listen and move where She takes you.

It’s not an easy path, this Path of The Way Love Moves. But it is by far one of the most rewarding you will ever experience in your life.

Why? Because when you finally step into that space, get off the plane to start your adventure, say the big Hell Yes, get offered the promotion, sign the contract, or witness your man getting down on one knee and finally ask for your hand in marriage- all of the dragons disappear and what you see is pure, shining, radiant golden light.

{And yes- he did propose this week. In the sweetest proposal in our new temple space with candles lit, puppy at our feet and flowers he picked on his walk home from a surf. And I said a resounding Hell Yes}

The way to walk this path has many layers which I’ve mapped out and teach in all of my programs via The Heroine's Odyssey™:Your Roadmap for the Inner Adventure, Sacred Embodiment and Embracing the Call of the Soul. And I realized yesterday while sitting for my first meditation in the new temple space contemplating this question - Teach me your ways!- that not everyone is at the place- YET- to fully dive into this work on a daily basis.

I get it that my programs may not be right for you today. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get started NOW.

And by me holding back everything, I took myself out of the flow of knowledge and exchange- and it’s time to step back into the Service I am committed to in bringing all that I am in whatever ways I can. So I have two more gifts to offer (in addition to your gifts from a few weeks ago) here to get you started on your dance with The Way Love Moves:

1. The Heroine’s Odyssey Introductory Guide: This guide is the basis of everything that I teach in all of my programs currently. This is the map I use personally and have taught to hundreds of women in how to walk the path of Sacred Embodiment and moving with the dance of Love in the form of the Goddess. There are many levels and hundreds of practices beyond what you will find in the Introductory Guide, but this is the start for you to begin working with these concepts and get clear on when you are ready for more.

To download your own copy, please click HERE>>

2. On Fire. As Love. In Flow: An 11 Day Practice
More details will be released the first week of August about a brand new, absolutely FREE 11 Day Practice that I will be leading that takes you on a cultivated journey with the Goddess in the 3 primary ways She moves: On Fire {Kali}, As Love {Lakshmi} and In Flow {Saraswati}.

For those of you who played with me in Celebrating Abundance: A 40 Day Practice live in 2014, this practice will be similar in structure but definitely a different flow.

We’ll begin the journey in just a few weeks, so stay tuned for more details coming your way in August.

To be one of the first to know when this practice begins and get all the details, please sign up HERE.

There is so much more where this is coming from: A podcast, monthly gatherings, retreats, intensives and so much more. Being in this new home and opening Sacred Flame Studios in September is just the beginning of a whole new way I’ll be showing up in the world.

How do you want to show up in the world? And what first steps do you know you need to take to begin that journey- even if they scare you? Especially if they scare you?

When it’s time, it’s time. And often we just have to get out of our own way to allow it to happen.

Remember- as long as you ride the wave of The Way Love Moves, you will always- always- be taken care of.