Kalepa Ta Kala



The beautiful things in life are often the hardest to reach.

In 2008, I took the leap into the journey of an epic tattoo that had been coming to my dreams since my teens.

The shell from the Birth of Venus by Botticelli. Waves from the Ocean the cools my fire. And a saying etched in the shell in Ancient Greek {the language of my heart} from Plato's Republic: Kalepa Ta Kala.

20+ hours over 6 months and in those days & months of healing, I learned the true power of the words I'd chosen.

There were times I wanted to stop. To leave it incomplete instead of face another round of shading & healing. To laser it away as if it never existed. To stop the journey of pain before reaching the beauty. But I couldn't.
I wouldn't ⚡️ Even after it was complete, I despised the color of the shell and thought it was too big.
I wanted to hide it so no one would judge.

But over the past 8 years- the real meaning of the phrase that begged to be added became clear.

These words- rumored to be uttered by Plato to Alexander the Great before he set out to conquer the world-a summation of so much of what I hold true:

We must walk through the mud, reach deep into our hearts, walk the winding path of our Hero's Journey- to get to the beauty hidden deep inside.

Not out there. ❤️ IN HERE ❤️ The past two months felt like a mini- Heroine's Odyssey for me and so many I've talked with this week.

Trials + Initiations. Fire + Longing. Doubt + Fear.

Grace + Miracles.

Agony. And Ecstasy. Often in the same moment.

If you've been feeling it, you are not alone. And know:
It's so perfect. Every great Hero + Heroine must face the dark, the fear, the shadow- in order to fully experience the beauty right here & now.

My only regret: getting this where others can see it, but I can't- not without twisting & straining.

Which brings a deeper level of trust. A bigger lesson in knowing:

All is right. All is perfect. All is worth it.


Every step of the way. {The Raven was a later addition, a memorial to a fallen friend & amazing healer}