A New Place to Call Home

Speaking of being a Phoenix… I spoke too soon. I thought the fire had ended, but it seems there was one more thing left to be burned away.

Thankfully, it was not in a real fire. But it certainly almost made my life go up in flames.

I was forced to move. My landlord told me he was owner-occupying. But I don’t think that was the truth. He had no money to pay me, or so he said. And so I was left with 36 days to find a new home and just enough in savings to facilitate a move. Barely.

Ironically, I found this out a mere 12 hours after telling some friends that I was ‘unofficially’ putting it out there that I wanted a bigger apartment.

Watch what you wish for. If you are talking to Shiva, he certainly has a way of making it come true.

Better than I imagined. One short week later, I had a brand new place to call home. And in typical Jen fashion, it all went down in such a surreal, fast, extreme way, that I literally had to pinch myself to see if I was awake or dreaming.

After checking out several dumpy apartments in my neighborhood the first few days, for way too much money, I had a client cancel one Saturday morning and thus, I was somehow the first to call on an amazing apartment that had just posted. It is 1 block from the beach in the Outer Sunset with an amazing view and triple the size of my old place. I saw it and knew it had to be mine. But I was scared- what landlord is going to rent to a start-up business owner with no paystubs to prove my income, or let me have a cat. or. or. or. The list went on in my head. But something told me to ask, to plead my case and tell her the truth of everything I’ve been through, and where I am now.

But no pleading was necessary. In fact- it was my brutal honesty that won me the apartment. And the landlord was sure to tell me that over and over again as we talked for 2 hours one sunny Sunday morning. She told me the most amazing story of surviving the holocost, having lived in Auschwitz and survived while the rest of her family did not. Of moving to America with no money, and making a living selling chickens. And what a living she made- now owning many apartment buildings and having founded the Holocost Center in San Francisco.

And what did she tell me? That I reminded her of herself many moons ago. We were even both wearing turquoise earrings and necklaces as we sat at her dining room table as she told me her story. That she had been where I was, working hard to fulfill her dream, and she understood me and loved how honest I was with her about all I’ve been through over the past two years.

And now- I get to live 2 buildings down from one of the most inspiring women I’ve ever met. And have a view of sunset every evening. Gardens in my back yard. The biggest apartment I’ve ever had [quite the change from the smallest I ever had for the past 16 months] and a new healing space to move my business to.

It all seems surreal. How when one door closes, another opens.

In my case, it almost feels as if most doors closed, to leave room for the most important ones to open. Life has radically, completely, incredibly changed for me in one fowl swoop of 2 months. When 2011 started, I had no idea that I would be in a new apartment, out of my old relationship, and finally, 100% working for myself.

And the most amazing part. This week was my first week open in the new space. It also was the first time that I hit a major milestone in weekly income in my 2 years of making this happen. I made more this week than some MONTHS last year. In my first week in a new space.

Pretty incredible. Entirely humbled. Overflowing with gratitude.

Bowing down. Bowing down. Bowing down.

Om Hrim Namah Shivaya.