What does this word mean to you?

According to our good friend the dictionary, it means the state of being contented;  satisfaction; ease of mind.

I've been struggling with this word a lot lately- well ok, maybe my whole life- and I see it time and again in my work with clients. Being Content with what we have in the present moment- satisfied. Happy. At Ease. It seems simple, doesn't it? Even if things aren't perfect, if we are working on a project, making a big change, or just living life daily, why is this issue of being content such a struggle for so many of us?

Why do we always feel that we need MORE?

I think the answer lies in the concept of Letting Go.

You see, all of us, each and every one of us, already has access to everything that we need to live a life full of happiness. We do. We have all of the resources available to create whatever life it is that we want to create. It's all there, already tucked neatly into your being, just waiting to be accessed. Problem is, so are the things that are holding us back. At times, it can feel like it's all jumbled up in there together- our hopes and dreams and aspirations mixed in with our fears, doubts, hang-ups and archaic wounds. The process of disentangling them can seem quite daunting, but is exactly what practices such as meditation & CranioSacral Therapy are so good for.

If we can be truly present in whatever is happening in our lifes, Let Go of the things that are not serving us on a daily basis, and Surrender to the notion that this is exactly where we need to be right now on our path, even if it is really unpleasant or confronting or downright miserable, I believe that the potential of being Content is possible. If we make a commitment to disentangling, of rooting out what is holding us back and being ready to really let them go, then we can see that we already had everything we needed anyway. What we need is not more, it's less.

As e.e. cummings says so beautifully in the poem above, if we let go of all those things that weight down our soul, really let them go, all of them.... so comes love. [And yes, this is where the tattoo on my right forearm comes from is this poem.]

So if you are facing a time in your life where you feel like you are not content, and are struggling with what you should do about it (like making a big change, transition, etc)- ask yourself before anything else, what is holding me back from being content right now in my life? Is it that I really need more of something, or could it instead be that I need less of something that no longer serves me? What do I need to Let Go of, in order to access what I already have inside of me that will bring ease and happiness into my life. The answer may surprise you.

But really, you already knew it all along.

How do you feel about the word Contentment? Is this easy for you, or is it a struggle? What practices have you used to get a the heart of your Happiness? Please share in the comments below!

Jennifer Blackstock