Creating Space

We're well into the second week of 2012, and from the sounds of it, all of you have some pretty amazing Intentions set for the coming year!

So, how does one make their Intentions actually HAPPEN?

The first step I've found is Creating Space to allow Intentions to come to life!

What does this mean? It means creating the SPACE for your Intention to take shape, setting up the physical PLACE you need, planning for it in your SCHEDULE, and receiving regular bodywork to create the space in your BODY to allow your Intention to take shape and flow as well.

Here's an example of how I recently put Creating Space into work. My First Intention for 2012 is launching my new website. With this site, a new Blog is going to be central. Now- I've had blogs before. Much like my workout plans, I always start with good intentions, but after a few weeks, it fizzles out. This time around- I'm making it Intention with a Capital I and changing the game by Creating Space to allow my Blog to flourish and grow. The steps? First- I set up the website SPACE for the Blog to live at. Second- I set up the physical PLACE for myself to sit and write by purchasing a writing desk and chair, made it pretty and comfy and a place I WANT to write. Third- I set aside writing TIME on a weekly basis that is dedicated to the blog only. It's on my calendar for the rest of the year (yes- year) what days I will be writing and what the content is. And Fourth- I've been receiving and scheduled out weekly CranioSacral Therapy sessions to Create Space in my BODY and free my mind of the things holding my creativity back.

And let me tell you- this SPACE. It's magnificent. Trust me on this one- you want a taste of it yourself.

How can YOU Create Space to make your visions a reality?

Here's to Freeing Things Up and Making Our Wildest Dreams Come True.

Jennifer Blackstock