Get Grounded

As much as we think we are prepared for the holidays, they tend to creep in and mix things up a bit- ok, mix things up a lot. Getting things ready, travel- sometimes across the country or even across the world. It tends to be a time of non-stop hussle & bustle that leaves us tired, often sick, stressed, full of anxiety and a bevvy of other things I won't mention here.

But there is one easy way to battle this. And no- it is NOT hanging out with your 'best friend Jack Daniels' at the airport.

It's simple: Get Grounded.

Here's what you do. Go outside. Ignore how cold or hot it is, if it's rainy, snowy, day time or night time. Just Go Outside.

Now the key- take off your shoes. Yes- your shoes. Your socks too. Yes- even if there is snow on the ground. In fact, that makes this even better.

Look at your feet. Really look at them. Look at them touching the earth, sinking into the snow, drenched in the rain. Whatever is happening, take notice. On some level, I bet what is happening with your feet is what is happening with you internally as well. Do you tend to lean forwards on your toes or backwards on your heels? Do you sway side to side? Rotate to the outside of your feet? How do your foot movements relate to how you go about your life?

Now- place your feet firmly on the ground. All four corners touching the earth. Solid. Unwavering.

Take a deep breath, several in fact. How about 20. Or 30. The deepest breaths you can muster. Bring your awareness to your breath, and imagine the breath coming in through your nose, down to the soles of your feet, through the earth all the way to the core. Now imagine on your exhale that warmth from the earth coming back into your body, attaching you to the earth you are standing on, rooting you in the now, in the present.

When you feel calm and peaceful, know that you are grounded. Stay with this as long as you can: bare feet on earth, awareness on the breath. If you get cold, then of course go inside. But hang if you can. See how long you can withstand the uncomfortable feelings, and how much stronger it makes you feel knowing the ground is there to hold you up- No Matter What.

Now that is Getting Grounded.

Here's to playing in the snow and doing things differently than ever before.

Jennifer Blackstock