Honor the Stop

One regret dear world, that I am determined not to have when I am lying on my deathbed is that I did not kiss you enough- Hafiz

It's so easy to get caught up the process. Especially on the spiritual path. And the business owners path. In a relationship. Even just in life in general.

It seems like we're trained from an early age to keep going, keep getting better, keep pushing, keep learning. We must make it to the next step, be one step ahead of everyone else. Always striving, always growing, always keeping pace with what the rest of the world seems to be doing.

Make it to the next level of consciousness. Master that peak pose. Earn an advanced degree. Buy a new car that's fancier than the last one. Get married. Buy a house. Have kids... it goes on. There is always something MORE to be looking towards. And we all do it. All of us.

Yet- an important step seems to be left to the wayside. Honoring the Stop. To Honor the Stop means to honor the moment. Enjoy where you are in the present. It's as if life is a high-speed train, always traveling somewhere. But when do we actually get off the train when it needs to stop and refuel? Do we even let the train stop and refuel? Do we appreciate the scenery? Hang out where we are, even if it's just for a day?

There is this interesting juxtaposition that I see happening, especially in the spiritual community. Be Present is a term used most often. Learn to meditate and be present in this moment, release the past and don't worry about the future. Yet, at the same time, in many spiritual practices, there is this push to achieve enlightenment. Higher states of consciousness. The next level. The next thing. A higher practice, an advanced way of being. So, while we are constantly being encouraged to be present, we are also being encouraged to strive for higher states.

Do you see where I'm going with this? In such a system, we very rarely, if ever, are given a real chance to just Honor the Stop. Enjoy where we are in this moment, the level we've achieved.

And it's not just in the spiritual communities. I see businesses working hard to make some goal, and the day it happens, it's on to the next thing. Ok- what now? Reached x number of clients, or sold y number of product. Awesome- let me toot my own horn and tomorrow morning it's on to the next thing. It happens within my own business as well. We shoot for a milestone, get it, then start thinking about the next, often without even stopping to congratulate ourselves for a job well done.

Relationships as well. I've heard the term 'forward movement' so much from friends of mine in wonderful relationships with men who love them. Only for the relationship to end due to pressure for 'forward movement'. Happened in my own relationship this time last year. Lucky for me, my love forgave me over time for the pressure, and now, we are back together and blazing our own path- slowly.

The result of this is causing burnout. I see it so many faces weekly. And it seems that no matter who the person is, or what the circumstance, the underlying story remains the same. We all are working hard to live the life we know we deserve. But we're so conditioned to keep going, that we never really get the chance to really, truly, live in the moment.

And from what I've found, if we don't consciously Honor the Stop ourselves, the Universe makes sure that the Stop happens regardless.

So my challenge to all of you this weekend is to Honor the Stop. No matter what you are working on, where your relationship is, what project looms before you. Take some time, maybe even beyond this weekend, to really see where you are, and just how far you really have come. Times are moving fast right now and we are accelerating with increasing speed. Let's all make sure that the train doesn't go flying off the mountain because it's build up so much speed it doesn't know how to slow down. Instead, let the train rest, the body relax, the mind hang out for a bit where it is, and kiss the world as much as you can in the moment.

Here's to Honoring the Stop and Kissing the World over and over again.