Ok, ok. I know. Once Upon A Time?  But this show has me hooked for some reason. Maybe it's because it's from the same crew as my all time fav, Lost. Maybe it's the kick-butt heroine who is breaking down her own walls around her heart and thus winning the hearts of all the other characters- and thus healing herself?

But I think the main hook for me is the constant theme around Magic. And that with Magic, no matter how far-fetched the dream, how extreme the healing that is needed, how impossible things seem- they become possible. They become Reality. Healing. Transformation. Change. They absolutely all are possible, once we set our mind to the outcome. Sound familiar?

But on the flip side of this, there is always a "price" of some sort. In order to achieve one's goals, heal one's wounds & illness or see one's dreams & fantasies come to life, one must make some sort of Sacrifice. Pay some sort of price. Do something, give up something, or make something happen in order to have their wish granted. This Sacrifice isn't always something 'bad' though in fairy tales, they tend to seem that way- like say giving up your first born son for the kingdom of your dreams. The trick, what activates the Magic into action, is that what we give up has to be REAL, has to be something that means something to us. Has to be authentic.

In real life, such sacrifies could be changing our diet, changing our job, leaving that bad relationship, committing fully to the healers necessary to get better, moving to another home, city, country where we can be healthier, committing to an hour of meditation and quiet time a day, taking a year long sabbatical..... it could be any number of things. Knowing what to sacrifice, what we need to give up or change to make these Dreams & Healing possible is not always clear.

Last week I spoke about the pain and shadows that come up as we travel on the Healing path. As we become still, as we get to know ourselves on another level, we need to begin looking in the infamous Magic Mirror and TRULY seeing what is in front of us. What is holding us back. What needs to be changed in order to Heal in a profound way.

So this week's Empowerment begins with looking in the mirror. Literally- go look in the mirror. Like, as soon as you finish reading this. Or sooner.

What do you see? Who do you see? What do you like about what you see? What don't you like?

What are the dreams and fantasies of the person in front of you? Is it to be happy? Heal from a certain dis-ease? End your illness? Play more? Be in love? List out what your reflection wants. Now. And for the future.

Now- the hard part. The part that Activates the Magic. What do you need to change, give up, Sacrifice, in order to make this Dream a reality, your Fantasy come true, have your very own Happily Ever After?

Now, envision yourself after all is said and done. The end result. Do you like what you see?

Now Invoke some Magic, and make it all come true.

Here's to Fairy Godmothers and Glitter Dust.