On Prayer and Longing

Tonight I was reminded of something that I all too often forget- Prayer really truly is the most powerful form of healing. More powerful than any form of bodywork could ever be, more powerful than medicine, plants, doctors or anything out there. Prayer, at the end of the day, is the key to healing.

Prayer, always, reconnects us with that which has been lost. Quite possibly, the loss that led to the illness or injury in the first place. The thing that caused the body to suffer, as a reflection of an internal suffering or pattern or action. The thing that has created longing in our soul which is then reflected in the mind body. I believe everything that we feel in our body is a reflection of that which is happening at a deeper, core, soul level. If we can heal that, we can heal the mind body.

But what if the connection to something greater than ourselves has been lost- God, Goddess, Jesus, The Universe.... it doesn't matter what you call it, as long as you recognize that there is something greater and good that is here to HELP. If that connection to the Divine has been lost, no medicine, no treatment, will ever really truly heal what needs to be healed.

I hear over and over again stories of healing that seemed impossible, of complete life transformations that defied reasoning, of spontaneous enlightenment that inspired millions. What I've noticed in all of these is the longing of the person to experience a connection with something more than the self, a willingness to ask for help, and a surrender to whatever that help may be. It was then, in those darkest moments of longing that inspired prayer, that the real healing began.

I recently finished reading the Harry Potter series, and a phrase that was threaded throughout was that those who ask for help will always get it. This struck me right in the heart as the key to everything. What that help will look like, we can have no idea before asking. If fact, it may make no sense to us at first. But the simple act of asking God for help will always yield you exactly what you need. It may not be what you want, but it will always be what you need.

Now I'm not saying that prayer will necessarily cure your illness, injury, anxiety, condition. Sometimes, maybe a miracle will come along with it. Sometimes prayer of one or thousands can heal a human body of what ails it. Anything is possible. Anything can be a miracle. But sometimes, the body is not meant to heal from it's suffering. But prayer can lead the mind and soul to accept it, and thus no longer be prisoner to it.

So when you are feeling like no amount of healing is working, like you don't care anymore what happens, when your soul longs for something and you just don't know what that is-- take some time, close your eyes. Know that God is right there with you, and ask Her for help.

Often, just the act of asking, of accepting the longing in your soul and acting upon it, is all that you needed to heal in the first place.