Shifts and Eclipses, Hearts & Moons and Stars

Do you feel it?

Come on now- close your eyes and think about the the past few days, weeks, months, even years.

A shift has been happening, and in the past few months, it’s been accelerating at a rapid pace. It’s been almost imperceiveable, yet earth shattering at the same time.

Some say it’s the end of the The Kali Yuga, or the Age of Kali, in Hindu mythology. Others, the impending 2012 that either ushers in a new age, or the end of all ages entirely. One small group called it The Rapture, while the dawn of the Age of Aquarius is another popular one.

Any way you want to call it or see it, the message is pretty clear- change, it is a-coming. And we have a choice, either act now and be prepared, or be left behind, broken and bruised and wondering what the hell just happened.

I personally like to look at it as the ending of Kali Yuga, the time of confusion and unrest in Hindu mythology, sometimes called the ‘Dark Age’. It is marked by a time of strife, discord, quarrel, and contention. As quoted in one myth: “When flowers will be begot within flowers, and fruits within fruits, then will the Yuga come to an end. And the clouds will pour rain unseasonably when the end of the Yuga approaches.” Sitting here in June, looking out my windows at the wildly unseasonable rain storms that have been bearing down on California for the past few weeks, something within the phrase rings startlingly familiar and close to home.

Something is shifting, something is churning. Something is about to be flipped over on it’s head, and the sun and moon are about to be eclipsed by something bigger and (I like to think) better than anything we have ever seen before. And the result, for those of us ready and waiting, will be an even bigger opening of the heart and minds of us all, unlike anything we have ever seen or even comprehended before.

I see it in my own life. These little shifts happening, preparing me for something bigger. A little shake-up here, something shifting over there. Courage building to do the things I always wanted to do, like start my own business, then really make it MY own, to ask out that cute guy I always had a crush on, to telling the man I love that I still love him, to telling the absolute truth to my friends and loved ones, no longer sugar coated in little lies and niceties. To live a life no longer ruled by fear, but now guided by courage, truth, service, surrender and love. To learn when to say no, and when to say yes. And when to accept that sometimes, it just needs to be a maybe or no answer at all, and that’s ok.

I’ve realized lately how utterly important it is to pay attention to the little things, as they aren’t so little after all. One of those things has been the moon and the stars. I have a new apartment with a complete western facing wall made of windows overlooking the Pacific Ocean- and the vast sky of moon and stars every night. I’ve begun to pay attention nightly to where the stars are, where the moon is, where in the cycle the moon is- and how the little, almost imperceptible changes in the sky produce huge changes in my life, awareness and consciousness.

My online communities are all abuzz these days about the 3 eclipses this month taking place. While I know just enough to scratch the surface of what this all means astrologically, my intuition is tuned in enough to see it in the bigger picture- that things are shifting, overlapping, merging and melting into each other. A time of darkness and shadow is beginning to be eclipsed by a time of enlightenment and knowing. And we are in that shift right now.

What this feels like to me? It feels like some days, it’s all just too much. The devastation on the news, the murders and wars and natural disasters that keep coming and coming with what seems like brutal force. But then there is the flip side. There are the Free Hug days on the streets, the babies being born, the communities building and coming together in force, people standing up for their rights and demanding freedom. There is the ever-growing meditation and movement groups, conscious living movements, churches growing and faith being restored in so many different and beautiful and loving ways. And a growing acceptance of these different paths, these different ways of knowing the same thing- that God is out there, and not only is God out there, She is right here, right now, living and breathing and pulsing inside of me. And you. And that person living on the corner over there. And my cat. And yours. And that raven that wakes me up every morning at 5am… and… and… you get the point.

Do you?

I feel sometimes like all of this is a radical idea. For me even, it is hard to grasp on a regular basis. But then, there are those days that are cast in deep dark shadow, much like all day today has been, where all of a sudden, in an instant, that overwhelming shadow suddenly moves on, shifts out of the way, and all I see is the brightness of all the possibility and wonder there is. Even if it is just a quick glimpse- it’s there.

Oh, it’s SO there.

Much like the Kali Yuga will eventually move on ending the time of shadow on humanity, or like the sun eventually moves on from the shadow it casts on the moon during an eclipse, so too can we, every day, every moment, and over our entire lives, create shifts and allow the shadow to move on to reveal the glowing luminosity of our hearts.