Simple Meditation

It's the holidays, and stress levels can get a *Little* high during this time of year. Which is why this one is more important NOW than ever.

This week, your Empowerment is to Meditate!
This word itself brings up a lot for many of us, so hear me out. EVERYONE, even you (yes- YOU) can meditate. Follow this simple 4 step guide and you'll be meditating in no time!

1) Pick a Time of day- ideally once in the morning and once in the evening. It just has to be enough time for the 3rd step (so- not much at all). Right when you wake up is best, or after the kids leave for school. Any time works, just pick the same time(s) that will work every day.
2) Find a quiet Place in your home. Doesn't have to be fancy, just quiet. Where you can be alone for a short bit of time with no interruptions.
3) Sit in this place for 5 minutes. You don't need a meditation cushion, you don't need to sit cross legged like in the pictures. Just SIT in a comfortable position, back supported if need be, and SIT (see the key here?)
4) Inhale, Exhale... Breathe for these 5 minutes. That's all. Just notice each inhale and each exhale. If thoughts arise, acknowledge them, then return to the breath. Don't be hard on yourself if you think about this and that. Just return to the breath. No effort.

Oh- and I guess there is a 5th step afterall. Smile. You did it. You meditated. And you could do it every day, heck- you might even want to try for longer tomorrow. But now you are a Meditator. Imagine that :)

Jennifer Blackstock