In stillness, the story and it’s answers will always unfold. Even deeper stillness is intrinsic to our human experience. The stillness is alive and dynamic. Stillness is not dead or vacant emptiness- it is the basic aliveness of our human condition.

I was going through some of my old CranioSacral Therapy books the other day, and came across this gem of a quote by my first teacher. As I've been in the midst of creation and expansion of my work and service to all of you, I've been pondering the role CranioSacral has played in my life- how it has transformed and healed me, how it has helped me reach places deeper than I ever imagined in my psyche and soul.

There is a common misperception in the healing world that for true healing to take place, it needs to 'rock your world' so to speak. Many people believe it needs to be a big release, a big moment of AHA or emotional or physical release. It's got to be painful, there must be tears, it must be an earthquake of a session to get things moving.... Sure, these types of sessions can and often do lead to great healing and great moments of seeing one's self as they truly are.

But in my work, and what I have seen over and over again, is that the true healing, the true reaching in and connecting to the soul, comes in the Stillness. It doesn't come from the storm~ which is often how I see these big emotional releases that happen, and are sometimes brought about by some of the healing techniques out there. Sometimes, it even happens here in my work, and is necessary on some levels. But it is not where the true healing happens. The healing happens after the storm, when the skies have cleared and the sun is shining, and one is able to look at themselves and the world in a whole new light.

Many people ask me what IS CranioSacral Therapy. My answer is simple- it is learning to Live in the Stillness. This is not always an easy task. Sometimes, stillness isn't even possible yet, as the body has so much that it is holding on to, just waiting to be released. Sometimes~oftentimes actually~ stillness is the hardest activity for someone to do. Because see, as the quote above says, stillness is NOT dead or vacant emptiness, it is NOT inactivity.

Stillness is learning to live in the calm of our hearts and to move to the rhythm of our own beat. We must learn how to listen to that rhythm, how to tap into that beat and move with it in every moment of our life. Then, and only then, does the truth begin to present itself to us. The reality of who we are, what we are made of, and what we are here on this earth to do starts to crystalize, and we can start to see it clearly.

The answers to every question our mind has ever asked are already there, waiting within us to be revealed.

It is the Cultivation of Stillness that reveals these answers to us. Learning to Live in it, Love in it, Bask in it and Glow within it.

For me, and for many of you, CranioSacral Therapy is one way to begin experiencing Stillness so that it becomes a regular practice, and eventually, a way of living. I still remember my first session all those years ago- 90 minutes of pure Stillness- no talking, no moving, no need to do anything except BE while being supported by another human being. It was radical to me at the time, and it took a long time for me to realize what had happened. In those 90 minutes, for the first time in my life, I was able to feel my heart, and my mind was able to be still and peaceful. I felt my own pulse, and saw the truth of who I really am. And that still happens each and every time I get on the table myself, and each time I have the pleasure of supporting another in their Stillness.

I still marvel at the pureness of it some days. It's like the day after a thunder storm- the clouds have parted, the muck has been washed away, and we are left with blue skies and the ability to view the world as far as the eye can see. A peaceful white dove may even appear to remind you that yes- you are pure, you are good, you are on the right path. And that path is healing. That path is revealing our true selves to ourself. That path is Living in the Stillness- where we can finally, once and for all, be truly alive and human.