The Balance Between Work & Play

All this talk of moving on and making big decisions has me in the mood for some play today. Something I used to be able to do really well- like really really well- but these days it gets harder and harder as my schedule becomes more booked and my responsibilities continue to grow.

But the dance between what is Work and what is Play has becomed blurred for me over the past few years. Some call it the trap of making a living doing what you love. See, I LOVE to help people, love to dive into what is going on with them and come up with ways to heal. I love CranioSacral work, and one-on-one interaction. I love problem-solving and critical thinking, as well as tapping into the Divine to ask them for help. I love working for myself and creating my own schedule. And so, I found a job that allows me to do just that!! Only problem- some of these things used to be hobbies or how I would just want to spend my time with friends over the weekend. And now, it's my full time job. Thus, the line has been blurred somewhat.

So where does the concept of play come in when you have a job that you love. This question is becoming ever more important as more and more women leave their jobs to create a career that fills them and inspires them. And I hear it over and over again from my clients and in my business groups.

So I've come up with a solution. I've started planning out my schedule a few months in advance, and building in small trips, weekends away, day trips to places I know I'll want to go. When that isn't available some months, I have a month where I start work later in the day, and only work 4 days a week instead of 5. Creating time for myself, while maintaining a consistent number of client sessions over the month. Some months it feels SO good to get away for a full week or more and just totally disconnect. Then some months, like this September for instance, I am only working 4 days a week to give myself longer weekends to stay at home and just relax- and pray for the fog to clear so I can have a day at the beach.

See, my first few years in business, it was the opposite. No control over my schedule, working 6, sometimes 7, days a week, every week, with barely a day off. Or if I wasn't working on clients, I was working on how to get them in. It was a full time 24/7 job getting Green Star Holistix up and running, and I was beginning to see that it was not sustainable.

So now, my time to work is only when I'm with clients or when I am writing- both for here and for my programs and books. If it shows time off on my schedule- which I put in there way ahead of time- then I'm making sure it is time off. Reading seems to be the land of play for me lately, probably because the fog has been so thick this year at Ocean Beach that going outside is not welcoming most days. But I'm seeing it doesn't really matter what the activity of 'play' is, as long as it happens every day.

And the best part? That the more we include Play in our daily lives, the better we become at the Work part. If you are refreshed, restored and renewed on a regular basis, your clients, kids, family- everyone surrounding you- will benefit.

So how are you juggling the balance between work and play in your own life? How can you make sure that you get equal doses of what your soul needs of both? Do you struggle with finding play when what you do for a living IS Play for you?

Be sure to share your comments and any ideas that may help others in this dance!

Jennifer Blackstock