The Goddess, She Gets Me Every Time

This has been quite the journey, getting everything new here up and running. The new site, the new name, the new Radiance Revolution Program. When I say that I spent many months and many sleepless nights coming up with just the right home and landing spot to serve you best, I am not exaggerating! I had so many deadlines of when this would be launched, that I somedays laughed at myself asking "Will this EVER really happen"

And then, my web designer said to me last week, Jen the date is week of March 26th. We'll be done by then. How does that sound. I kind of shrugged it off and said sure, why not. It's during Mercury Retrograde (where we really shouldn't be launching anything or having anything to do with technology), but something felt right.

Then, as the date approached, all of a sudden, I had a realization. Of course it is within these days! Naturally.

It's Spring Navaratri. The 9 day celebration of the goddess in all of her forms. Within India, it is among the holiest of times, and in Bali, the beginning is marked by a day of silence honored by the entire island. Even the airport shuts down!

There is a lot of mythology surrounding Navaratri, wherein the first 3 days are dedicated to Durga/ Kali, the goddess of destruction. It's seemed amazingly fitting that in my final days as Green Star Holistix, in my final days of my 'old' identity, the fierce goddess Durga was working her magic. She definitely aided me in knocking down the final constructs of my being that have been holding me back not only within my own life, but within my business- and hence, my SERVICE to you all- as well.

It's been a weird ride the past few days experiencing this, but it's felt good to shed my old skin and begin to look at myself a little bit more realistically in the mirror. Even Sunday evening, the final evening of Durga reverence, I couldn't sleep. I knew something was dying within, and it was a painful process indeed.

Now, we are in the time of Lakshmi, goddess of wealth, beauty and abundance. Since Monday morning, it's like the sun is shining again, and the promise of this new paradigm of existence in my service has begin to shine through.

A friend of mine, Jody Greene, posted on her facebook today a nugget of wisdom about Lakshmi: "The Gods and the Asuras (Demons) decided they wanted to gather up some divine nectar--amrita--from the Great Ocean of Milk. They banded together and, with Vishnu's help, churned the ocean until various delights began to emerge. One of these was Lakshmi, who appeared seated on a lotus right before the nectar itself. Seems like if we want to bring forth genuine abundance, the enduring bliss of equanimous mind, we need both the divine and the shadow sides of our existence. We need to figure out how to get them to work together."

As the final days of editing and tweaking arrived, Kali and Lakshmi cleared the way for the final 3 days, Saraswati, to take over and release this to all of you. Natural, again, since Saraswati just happens to be the goddess of creativity, music, writing, wisdom.... manifestation of all the creative powers that we possess. Bringing it out into the world, bearing her heart and soul to those who will listen. Launching the manifestation of her dreams.

So this is my challenge to you today. As I launch my new home here, I invite you to ask yourself how you can begin to let your shadow side and divine light side begin working together in harmony. I myself had to go through the shadow to arrive at this place, this new vision of life in abundance and grace. It was a wild ride, but I wouldn't change it for anything. So how can you begin to do the same? Where are things stuck, where is your shadow preventing you from seeing the light, and how can you begin to allow them to work together to spark change and love and abundance and beauty in your life?

See- it was only natural that I be announcing my new home on the days that are holy to the Goddess in all her forms. She's been a guiding force in my life for the past 4 years, and somehow has always managed to aide me when I needed her most.