The Power Of...

Today I am reminded of the Power Of...... so many things in the healing process. Below is a simple recipe to inspire your own healing:

Take one of each, combine in the infinite bowl of your heart, and fully live whatever unfolds.

The Power Of....



Opening to the Light




Open Heart


Trust: In Self and Others

With these ingredients, healing- on whatever level that is needed- is possible. I'm not saying that your pain will go away in your body, but you may embrace it more and grow to love it for what it is teaching you. Some pain just isn't meant to go away, or the body is reaching it's end. Then the healing is about finding peace with what is. Whatever your healing, these ingredients will help you on your way.

Sometimes, one or more of these ingredients seem impossible to cultivate. Keep doing the Work- it will come. It always does if we keep going, keep Intending to live the life we were born to lead.

Pain is an opportunity. Love is always within reach deep within your own heart. Faith is always available. And the Power of Intention can never be stopped. Opening to the Light is always possible, and we must have Courage to Face your Shadows, no matter how much they might scare you. Listening to the Wisdom of your body can be done anywhere at any time, and a little help from Community is the perfect topping.

You see- I can do all the technical moves I know to ease your pain, I can help you see the other Ingredients and how to access them. But if you are not willing, or ready, or even here for yourself, then nothing I do can ever help you. The Power is in you, of you, is You.

The energies are rough out there right now- the 2012 shift is accelerating at a quickening pace. We are being asked to heal, to do The Work, to transform our lives- or be left behind in whatever it is that is coming. I'm taking on the challenge- are You?

Keep this recipe handy whenever you feel that things are tough, moving too fast or you are just ready to change and transform your life.

Jennifer Blackstock