A New Breed of Intention

Happy New Year!! Welcome to 2014!

Intention is a word that is thrown around a lot these days- especially with the New Year buzz rolling around. It’s somehow taken the place of ‘resolution’ and everyone seems to be talking about it non-stop. It’s become the go-to word for goal-setting, planning, strategizing and the like. But there is a deeper meaning that has been missed in a lot of the materials out there that have turned this word into just a fancy way to say one’s goals. But what is it? Let’s ask our dear friend Webster for the full definition:




1. a thing intended; an aim or plan.

– “she was full of good intentions”

2. Medicine

-the healing process of a wound.

Hmm, Number 2 really hits home when it comes to one of the main ways one builds an Unbridled Life- healing the things which are holding back our freedom to run free.

Have you ever stopped to think of your Intentions as healing, or more so, as ACTUAL medicine?

If we take the leap to look at Intention in this light, then it becomes possible to have our intentions for each day, each week, each year- for everything you do- be actual medicine for the soul instead of ‘goals’ or ‘plans’ to be fulfilled.

Here’s an example of how this shift in perspective could work: Say this year you want to finally heal your back pain that has been a struggle for years. Your ‘goal’ would be to be pain free, lose the extra weight and feel good in your body, right? But is there something deeper there that is actually wanting to be healed? Perhaps in wanting to heal your back pain, what you REALLY want is to be living a more fulfilled life doing more of the activities you love. So while the goal/ plan for 2014 may be to work on your back, your Intention may be more along the lines of say, Living Life Fully or Feeling More Alive.

Which ‘medicine’ would you rather take daily- something called ‘lose weight’ or something called ‘Feeling More Alive’? Which could potentially lead to even more openings beyond just healing your back? Which sounds more fun and enticing?

Yeah, I thought Option B might be it.

So how do we set Intention then?

I’m going to walk you through a process in a video you can find HERE that previously only participants in Reveal or Embody have had access to (be sure to use the password ’embody’). You can use this practice in setting your intention for 2014 or anything in your life that you feel would benefit from some Intention setting- it could be a project, a trip, a conversation, new years intention setting, simply getting through your day- literally ANYTHING.


Here is a quick run-down of the process in case you are pressed for time:

1) Choose what event or happening you want to set an Intention for. I’d say for the purposes of this exercise, start with 2014. Begin to feel into what you want to get out of this brand new year. How do you want to be feeling, speaking, moving through out the world?

2) Now, we are going to enter into a meditative state and do a practice I like to call “Time Crunching”- it’s where we recognize that time is really an illusion, and in that space, we can travel in our minds to any place in the future and ‘see’ what we want it to look like. Call it future visioning, call it time travel, call it anything you want that makes you feel comfortable. As long as you allow yourself to step fully into some time in the future and sense that you are already there.

3.) Once in this time in the future- let’s say here it’s New Years Day 2015. Imagine you are there right now, the 12 months have passed, and you feel different somehow. How do you feel different? What has shifted? What WORDS come to mind to describe this feeling? What sensations are you experiencing? Does your body feel different? How? Is your mind calmer? What do you look like? Explore everything you can about the moment, and trust that whatever words are coming up for you to describe the sensations are exactly the words you need to hear right now to guide you in the right direction.

4). When you feel complete in your meditation, gently come out and open your eyes. Don’t let your mind get in the way and try to change the feelings you had or the words you heard. Write down what comes to you. Is there a phrase or sentence that sums up how you felt? What is it? Were there random words? Write them down, and see how they all fit together.

When we have an Intention created in this space, it actually opens the doors for some amazing things to come in and help us in creating what we want- that perhaps would not have arrived if we had more practical, specific, goal oriented intentions set.

How could this work practically? I’ll give you a little example. At the beginning of 2013, I knew I had some major changes in my business to make and my health was beginning to suffer from the long hours I was then working. At first I set out with a ‘plan’ to redefine my schedule, work out more, lose a few pounds, increase my income by xx%… the standard new years Intentions.

But then I remembered this practice, and I played with it one morning while on a walk along the ocean. What I arrived at was that by the end of the year, sure I wanted all those things, but what I really, truly was getting at was that I wanted to ‘Live Life Fully’. When I wrote that down as my Intention for the year, it seemed HUGE, but also way more friendly than the other things I had first set out with. And then, the magic started to happen- every time I was faced with a decision, I first asked myself if it would contribute to my intention, and if not, I said no. Opportunities began to appear in front of me to support living live fully, and when they did, I could see them more clearly than if my only goal had been to increase revenue or lose weight.  I said Yes to things I previously would not have by letting my Intention guide me, and they led to amazing magic in my life. People appeared who wanted to help me. And in the process, I completely transformed my life into something I truly love. All with changing how I viewed my Intention and what I wanted to get out of my year.

So now it’s your turn. The attached video has previously only been shared to those enrolled in my Reveal or Embody programs, but I’m making it available for all of you now since it’s such a perfect time to play with Intentions at the start of 2014!

Please click below to watch the video and play. You can do this process over and over again for almost anything.

Click HERE to watch the video. Be sure to enter the password ’embody’ to view.

Remember the new breed of Intention is realizing that your Intention is a form of Medicine. Treat it as such and true transformation awaits. {Click to Tweet!}

So it might seem like a stretch, and there may be some side-effects that need to come through first in order for the medicine to work. But keep in mind what Osho says about healing:

“The wounds cannot heal unless they are open…”

Setting your Intention- your medicine Intention- may just open up some wounds that are ready to be healed. This is an essential piece to any Hero’s Journey, which we all are on in some way or another.

Once we have the courage to Reveal what wounds need to be healed, then we have the power- and courage- to reveal what we need to do to make that healing possible.

For me, I had 2 emerge: For my personal life, my Intention is Divine Passion. For my business, Alchemy Rising.

Jennifer Blackstock