A True Warrior

Confession: being a Warrior at Heart at times has put me in a lot of hot water.

Call it my triple Fire, call it the Scottish Braveheart blood running through my veins, or call it whatever you will... Truth is, until last year, my inner Warrior took to task anything and everything that crossed my path.

Loving a good challenge and ⚡️fiercely⚡️ defending the truth whenever the opportunity would strike.

Most of the time this worked in my favor.

Other times, it left me bloody and bruised- sometimes physical from the athletic completions, sometimes in my heart from words said and trust broken.

And once or twice, deep in my Soul where the Core Wounds were lurking.

Many of us have this Inner Warrior, and over the years I've learned that the wiser we are in choosing our battles, the more we are living in the True purpose of this archetype.

 There were times I wished I didn't have this in me.

I got lost in yoga and meditation to hide my Fire and Holy Rage. I held my tongue and let the words become toxic in my body. I disguised my true nature for fear it would scare others away.

⚡️But we can not hide from who we are forever. ⚡️

My Warrior used to show up most fiercely as 'The Integrity Police'. Righting wrongs and defending those who had been hurt by others. I spoke up in finance during the crisis of 2008. I was fired from a job for reporting sexual harassment. I lost entrepreneurial friends when I spoke up about what I saw.

Some may say these 'battles' served the greater good in the long run. But not knowing that my strength was actually in choosing my battles, I often was exhausted physically and spiritually from fighting ALL THE TIME.

Then, something shifted. I can't say what exactly. But one day, I stepped back. I assessed the situations more closely. I channeled my inner Jaguar and learned the art of concentrated focus- only going to task when my heart was FULLY invested in the transformation the 'battle' could bring.

Thus my Integrity Police transformed into The Jaguar of Love- a new Warrior, a wiser Warrior, a True Warrior.

And with it has come a period of intense Peace, Energy, and Joy.

?Who is your Inner Warrior wanting to Become??


Jennifer Blackstock