A Year Ago

A year ago today, life changed forever. A major car accident, a photo shoot, hours of dancing with {actual} fire and an epic lesson in the power of choice in the journey of Embodiment ensued.

On the way to a photo shoot with a dear friend, my love and our puppy were in a car accident back at home.

The truck was totaled. The other driver later arrested on drug charges.

But @waterhawksurf and Apollo walked away without even a scratch on their bodies. How no one was hurt remains a mystery and showed me without a shadow of a doubt that Angels do- in fact- exist.

While the bodies were fine, the souls…. The souls of all three of us were forever changed.

That night- while they began the healing process- I danced for hours with real fire as well as the flames of pain, longing, power, Grace, love & total, unapologetic Embodiment.

Raw. Powerful. Vulnerable.


Rising from the ashes of months of hurt and pain that simultaneously blew me apart and put me back together into something completely unexpected.


Never before in my life had I ever felt so alive, so me, so in my body.

Death and coming close to death of ourselves or loved ones can do that…

Bringing us right back to the Truth that we are alive, complete, and it’s not just a privilege but a Divine Responsibility to:

Live Life Fully.

The weeks and months that followed showed Us every area where we were NOT living life fully- and asked us fiercely to step up and do something about them.

Embracing- and testing- my capacity as a Shadow Dancer, I also found my deep capacity to hold & embrace the Light.

From launching & closing, moving & letting go, dancing in our mutual feminine & masculine, being on the brink of destruction to getting engaged, my love and I took the journey of a lifetime.

And what we found: a deeper Love than either of us has ever experienced before.

A Love not just for each other, not just for ourselves, but for Life itself and every moment, every creature, every person, and every road that leads us back to HOME.

A year ago tonight, I faced my biggest fear and fiercest shadow.

I wholeheartedly danced with fire and I earned my wings.

And life was forever changed

Jennifer Blackstock