Baby Steps into Giant Leaps


If there is one thing I've learned over the past few years, it's that baby steps begin to become giant leaps, and eventually we reach a point:

Continue to scrape by with the bare essentials that keep the illusion of 'safe' by half-assing your way through THE THING...

Or finally put on your big girl panties and just DO IT ALREADY.

There is an art to 'fake it until you make it'.

There is a dance of seeing if something is really what you want until you take the larger leaps of faith to get there.

And there are days when the getting by and doing-what-you-cans wind up leaving you frustrated JUST enough to finally make the call/ invest in the next step/ end the cycle/ move forward...

Yesterday I revealed I am facing some big old fears and saying YES anyway. This right here was one of those steps forward that came after a dreadful day of riding an old school saddle that tore me to bits (in all the WRONG places) and I finally faced just how


I am on my equine adventures.

A major edge- I could keep going as I had been or CHOOSE to do it my way. A late Saturday night spent nursing saddle sores and wrangling with an order higher than me that YES

 I can trust this {hint- this message is not just for me...}

I no longer have to fear the thing that led to so much pain.

Because that pain- not just the falls and injuries but also the pain of living in cities for so long away from my roots-

⚡️That pain was my salvation that led to my entire healing path. ⚡️

And now a new level of that journey is embarking- and this one requires solid support to get me where I am ready to go.

Unbridled to me is a paradox in so many ways- ways that continue to reveal themselves everyday.

How can we find freedom in purpose, growth, support and our Calling?

How can we run free while being OF this world?

How can we transcend into grace while remaining utterly human at the same time?

Today, I rode for the first time in my life feeling fully supported.

And let me tell you- What this translates to in the real world is only just beginning ⚡️?

Jennifer Blackstock