Back in the Saddle

16 years later- and 16 years wiser- I’m fully back to THE THING that simultaneously gets my heart racing faster as I face my fears and makes me come ALIVE at the same time

This may look ‘easy’ but the amount of skill, strength, courage & intuition required is unlike anything else I’ve ever done.

It took years to build up the courage to even try again.

It took months to then make the investments I needed to make to start.

Then 4 months to build up the strength in my legs and get the FEEL back in body.

Some days it’s there- when the courage & strength & feel click together all at once and ‪#‎magic‬ happens.

Then there are days I can barely get more than a walk.

My body says no. My mind plays tricks. My heart isn’t as brave as the day before. Tears flow in utter surrender & release.

At the end of last year, I heard that my next teacher- which also was my very FIRST spiritual teacher- was the horse.

This weekend it clicked as to why. And what’s coming through to be created by me, us, The Unbridled Life…. It’s nothing short of extraordinary

All I can say this morning is:

That Thing- YOUR THING- whatever it is…

Follow it.

Trust it.

Build up your courage muscles.

Build up your real muscles.

Get the support you need. Hire the mentors who can get you there.

Ask for help- from the seen and unseen- to make it HAPPEN.


And Trust your heart. Again and again and again.

It’s more worth it than you could ever know. And love- I want this feeling of fully ALIVE for each & every one of us.

The time is now & we’re just getting started…

Jennifer Blackstock