Today it feels like the sparkle in my eye is shining a little bit brighter, as if I unlocked a secret that I’m bursting to tell… whereas last week I was utterly convinced I had lost my magic for good.

There is always a breakdown, before a breakthrough

Yesterday a series of events including a raven, a snake, a song, my riding buddy Ronnie, a welcoming home and a few miniature horses {that stole my heart!} reminded me of who I am; while a deep prayer was answered that’s been here for years.

Sometimes life feels like an infinite play- dancing with magic, light, shadow, power, grace, unconditional love & so much more.

As always, this journey of Unbridled Embodiment teaching me deeper layers beneath the surface of appearances:

Trusting the throes of ebbs & flows.

Laughter & tears.

Heart breaking open again and again.

Unfolding our Truths- one delicate & complex layer at a time.

Facing our shadows & befriending them.

Embracing our No. And Structure. And Freedom. And Purpose. And Peace.

Standing up for each of our Truths, even when others don’t agree. Especially when we’re asked to uphold them in the face of doubt or fear or misunderstanding.

It’s beyond amazing what happens when we have the courage to do this work, to allow full Embodiment, to step day after day after day further into the Truth we’re being called to serve.

Your version. The way you came here to do it as YOU.

Trusting the message flowing through you, your personal flavor of Magic that you are being called to embrace.

Even when there are Divine Contradictions. Even when there are paradoxes to explore.

Even when words and feelings and expressions become so much more than what they appear to be on the surface.

Tonight I’m reminded of the depths to explore, the fun that can be had the more we let go, the beauty that comes with Truth, and the strength that comes by honoring our Beauty.

What secrets are you bursting to share? What Truths are you wishing to tell? What power are you being asked to step into?

This love- this- is what we all are just waiting for you to share with us

{P.S. Fondly remembering that time I rocked rose gold hair this time last year!

Jennifer Blackstock