In the spiral of healing, at times it can feel like we're repeating a pattern or saying 'I thought I healed/ fixed/ learned my lesson/ moved past this already!'

Thing is, when we're fully committed to something- a sport, a business, personal development, a relationship, a spiritual practice, ANYTHING- we will hit points where we feel like we've been there before...

And are asked to yet again walk through the gateway of hardship, pain, struggle to get deeper in the Truth of what we are healing.

And further in the Truth of just how much it means to us.


To give up in exasperation of 'this isn't working' or 'I've had enough' or 'it will never work'

Sometimes yes- these moments can be a call to stop & reevaluate the situation. Then the lesson can be the Power of No.

But more often than not, it's a Golden Opportunity to move through that gateway {where most would stop} to truly become the hero or heroine of your own life.

It could be something simple on the surface, but on the path of growth is EPIC in its IMPACT.

For me these past few weeks, it's facing that although I've come far in healing my anxiety & money story, a deeper layer of healing is at hand.

That deeper layer of healing appeared in the form of a white horse who is my Dark Mirror of all the anxiety, fear, unpredictability & laziness that still lurk in my heart.

And all my attempts to run or avoid facing it- reflected in him- have been showing me exactly where I'm being called to Commit further in my life.

When we Commit to anything, there will be moments of CHOICE:

run, hide, fall, collapse


embrace, walk through, be open, face it... and receive.

The choice is always ours- if we have the courage to know we're

Already Whole.

Already Safe.

Already FREE.

Jennifer Blackstock