Moments before my ladies arrived for The Unbridled Experience LIVE this past weekend, I was preparing my body, quieting my mind and opening my heart to hold ALL that was about to unfold over the course of three days & nights of the experience.

One of my Apprentices captured the moment when my cat Shakti jumped in to help me prepare. We sat like this for what felt like hours in simple love, devotion & connection to it all- and each other.

In so many ways, if there were any words to describe what transpired in my first retreat of the year it is exactly this:

The power of Connecting with other beings, allowing ourselves to give, receive, and be at peace with not just ourselves, but each other. No agenda. No striving. No pushing. Just pure being.

This real Connection is what will allow each of us to rise in ways we've only dreamed of before.

I've seen so much negativity, bad-talking, and struggle hanging over pockets of the industry lately, and it saddens my heart that sometimes, this simple act of Connection gets lost in the midst of business and brands and competition.

In reflection tonight I snuggle in with my loves after a full day of clients and even fuller weekend guiding six women in connecting back in with their truths through Connection... and allow my heart to open wider & further to the bigger work not just me, but all of us are being asked to embrace- just as my heart opened more in this intimate moment captured.

My commitment to this year, to this body, and to this Unbridled Life vision that is so much larger than me feels deeper than ever before. And it feels like after three years on this particular ride, the party is really- finally- getting started

Jennifer Blackstock