Desire, Longing & Receiving



For as long as I can remember, I've always said I would elope for my wedding instead of having a 'big day'. Eloping always seemed so carefree and fun, easy and... An excellent choice to block ANY form of receiving.

Since my man and I got engaged last summer, the same story has run in the background- Let's elope! Or do a simple civil ceremony! Or even- we can keep waiting. And waiting. And waiting....

Something in me-in us- just couldn't grasp the concept of an actual wedding.


Then I stumbled upon the place that I could finally 'see' our wedding taking place. It took months to gather the courage to even speak to them- even though I go to this farm 4 days a week and kept hearing stories of epic weddings here every summer.

Then this weekend, Matt and I both saw the truth we were hiding so well from: by blocking and downplaying ANY celebration of our love with all of our loves, we were directly blocking receiving BIG Love, support and abundance in all of the ways- seen & unseen.

Once we saw it & owned it, we both were gifted extraordinary dreams for several nights of gifts from our guides, interactions with angels, blessings from God(s).

And the truth of the Desire was clear: in all the ways we celebrate life everyday, it was finally time to honor our longing of gathering together & opening the channels further to receive... And finally, fully step into our desire to say 'I Do'

And of course, of the few dates still available, one happens to be an already sacred number in my life. The support to make it possible began streaming in minutes after I said YES and placed a hold on the date.

And something deep within us both shifted, settled, and clicked into place.

That Longing. That Desire. That Grace I kept feeling was just within reach, at once stepped into full view:

Showing WAY more than a single day or dress or party, but a lifetime of adventure beyond our wildest dreams.

It's funny the sneaky ways we block our own healing, hide from our own happiness, convince we don't NEED what it is we actually WANT.

Where might you be taking the easy way out, when the truth is, you are longing for the real deal?

Jennifer Blackstock