Don't Quit Before the Miracle Happens

Hello Beautiful,

I am blown away by all of the personal messages from so many about last week's podcast No More Hiding. It seems to have opened up conversations and explorations around love, relationships, business, careers and so much more!

I'm really in awe of what happens when I witness women and men begin to face their fears and admit where they have been holding back... thus holding themselves- and their visions- back as well. I believe that if we can hone this one skill of continually being willing to look at ourselves and our body's wisdom honestly- including our excuses, our fears and our anxieties- then we truly have the power to do/ be/ create anything we set our hearts to.

Notice what I said there- what we set our heart to. Not our minds. Not our bodies. What is it that your heart is truly asking for right now?

Once you get clear on that your mind and body can follow suit. And you better believe that if you aren't truly following your heart's direction {perhaps being led by your ego instead, or perhaps having no direction at all!}, then your mind and body will begin to speak- sometimes with a soft whisper to clue you in, and sometimes with a loud scream to wake you up.

Which is to say- when you hide from your heart, your body will always let you know. Always.

And it's your choice to listen. Always.

I heard from quite a few of you last week that you were ready to step forward and no longer hide out in your fears and worries. My response is YES YES YES- I can't wait to see what you bring!

I also received a lot of questions about how to know if you are hiding vs. resistance vs. knowing something isn't 'right'.

As I saw a few circumstances around this play out this week in client sessions and in conversations with peers, I realized that there is even more to the conversation around hiding than meets the eye {ahem- Always}.

What I kept coming back to again and again is a phrase I've seen all over in inspirational quotes and self-development circle:


It shows up like this:

You finally get the courage to do that thing/ create that offering/ sign up for that program/ go to the retreat/ record the video/ send the email/ show up fully.... I think you get my drift.

You do it. You get over the fear. You get out of your own way. You come out of your version of hiding... You say YES.

Yes to you. Yes to what you desire. Yes to becoming the person you've been saying you want to be for a long time. 

It feels soooooo good. Perhaps better than anything you've ever experienced. You might have even surprised yourself with how expansive you feel.

And then it happens- the contraction. The fear sneakily slips back in. The doubt rears it's ugly head again. That thing you were SO scared of before suddenly creeps up behind you and spooks you again.

And you all of a sudden find yourself in the 'excuses' and going back to the ways that help you feel safe- running away, fighting, freezing or just plain going back into your hole and hiding.

Any of this sound familiar? Have you ever been here yourself? What have you done when you realize what's happened?

I see this play out often with clients after private Awaken Immersions and my Unbridled Experience LIVE retreats- a woman experiences her full power and light for perhaps the first time in her life, and in the days and weeks that follow begins to doubt that it was real, doubt that it could last, want to run away or even quit altogether.

Not because it was wrong {though your mind may try to convince you it is}, not because you can't do it. Oh no- beautiful- it isn't those things at all.

It's because from this expansive state, anything is possible. Anything can happen. Miracles can enter.

But the trick is- you have to stick with it. You have to move past the contraction, move through all the things telling you to run away, make friends with your mind or body trying to go back to safety... in order for the miracle to have the space to come in.

I believe this space in-between the expansion and the miracle is one of the most powerful, potent times to truly bring your visions to life and move forward- IF you know how to navigate it.

I recently began regularly riding a horse at my barn that many refer to as 'scared of his own shadow' because he is prone to spooking at anything that crosses his path. Most don't want to ride him because of this, but I've fallen madly in love with him because he's already taught me so much about humans & fear {and myself} and how we react when moving forward in life. He's taught me that we as humans have turned this animal instinct upside down and somehow we've become scared of our own light.

I recorded a podcast to expand on all of this, how you can learn to navigate this potent space where miracles can enter, and what to do if you feel yourself resisting, running or hiding from your own power.

This one is full of wisdom for all of us.

What happens after you've taken the step, made the leap, committed fully to the expansion? Resistance. And it's that resistance that is blocking the miracle. Today's episode is a roadmap to working through that resistance.

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In a few days I'll be announcing something that has taken me years to develop as I constantly stared in the face of quitting... and move past the resistance to bring to light. In the meantime, enjoy the episode and see you again soon!

In Liberation + Celebration,


Jennifer Blackstock