Epic Portals

The last few weeks have felt like I’ve been walking through a massive portal.

Each step significant.

Each moment potent.

Each conversation life-changing and healing.

Each breath a mini-lifetime of inhales and exhales full of expansions & contractions.

Today, a dear friend captured a picture of me unknowingly that seems to sum up all I’ve been feeling in these moments:

As life has been settling into something entirely new, scary, exciting and still quite unknown, it has been the steps forward into the light that have been my fuel and my fire.

While there are open questions, new phases of embodiment emerging & constant reminders to be fully in my power, it is the light I’m seeing and radiance I’m experiencing everywhere I turn that is not like anything I’ve ever felt before.

As someone so comfortable exploring the shadows, finding comfort in the silence, and willing to dive the depths, that light always felt just foreign enough to keep at arms lengths away.

Until now ⚡️

And that light- that light is so blinding, so beautiful, so utterly terrifying in all the right ways- it takes my breath away.

Jennifer Blackstock