Fierce Devotion to Miracles

In the spirit of Fierce Devotion to Miracles today, my boy Oliver gave me quite a big one this morning.

You see- this playful energy and movement was NOT what we first saw in him when he came in.

In fact for the past 10 weeks, I'd turn him out and he'd stand there and stare at me, or hide in the shade and rest.

In retirement for a year on lay-up after four years of off-and-on lameness, we were told he would never jump again and was good for only light arena work. It appeared they had given up on him.

On paper, he wasn't the ideal purchase for me. But this big old heart of mine saw a fire in his eyes and KNEW there was more to the story.

And of course, there was:

If you've been following me for a while you know for the past 5 years (start to do the math 😉) I've had recurring dreams of a black horse. 'Trapped' in his stall, ignored & angry and desperate to get out to run & play and be FREE.

I named my company from the healing that's transpired in my life from these dreams.

Weeks after I bought him I received his vet records. And you guessed it- 5 years ago his lameness issues started. And those clusters of dreams? They just so happened to coincide with the times he was lame and on lay-up. Some the exact same days as the vet records.

Me and this guy, there's just ✨something✨ there. And what he mirrors to me daily is simultaneously amazing and frustrating to say the least.

So as I've done a lot of energy work on both of us, and loved up on him in every way I can- a solid training schedule with our amazing trainers, chiropractors, long grooming sessions, playing with supplements, patience, patience... & more patience for myself....

He's quickly come around to what you see here.

Happy. Free. Playful. Full of SPARK.

This lasted an hour this morning, and he still had more in him.

A miracle I never expected, but certainly believed was possible 😍

It's amazing what Devotion can bring when we truly surrender into it.

Jennifer Blackstock