Freedom in Expression

We never know how freedom will show up, or how it will shift + change as we grow.

Today I removed what was my steady symbol of Freedom for almost 9 years: my nose ring.

I had just been fired from a finance job for 'under performance' a week after refusing the advances of my boss on a 'work' trip to Vegas. Pissed off and needing to Rebel, I pierced my nose in an act of defiance of the industry I was immersed in.

I was 27, had multiple health problems the doctors couldn't figure out, and was aching for freedom without knowing where to turn.

I moved onto a similar role at another company soon after, with the nose ring in. But 6 months in they threatened to fire me if I didn't remove the tiny stud.

I refused.

Overnight, a small diamond became a symbol of BEING me, standing UP for my desires, and expressing myself FULLY.

As the years went on I left the industry, started a company, healed my body, and changed my life. The jewelry changed and it simply became a part of me- my silent yet visible stand for growing into the full embodiment of who I am. Of my commitment to seeking and finding the diamond deep within my heart.

But the past few months it's felt forced. Like an old relic that no longer fit. Like a symbol for rebellion. For being different. For becoming comfortable in my own skin.

But truth is, I am comfortable now. I know I can Rebel in more subtle and impactful ways. I know who I am, and I no longer feel the need to seek.... As I finally feel FOUND.

So when 3 nights ago I had a dream it was time to remove the old symbol of freedom to make space for something new, I felt a settling in my whole body and knew, once and for all, that a cycle has completed itself (9 years almost to the day), a skin has been shed, and a whole new stage of Embodiment has emerged.

One of Service. One of Peace. One of Passion. One of Love.

And one of The Freedom that comes from no longer seeking to Become, but of walking tall on the adventure of BEING.

It's amazing the power of a small piece of gold & diamond. For the freedom she gifted me all these years, I'm in deep gratitude.

And for the adventure still unfolding, I feel giddy and excited at what's to come?

Jennifer Blackstock