Grounding & Expansion

When my laptop overheated Monday {I know I know: Fire- always} I had no idea what a blessing in disguise it was.

Before I freaked out, I sat to collect myself and ask:

Why Now?

Truth- I’ve known for a loooooong while I needed fresh energy to create in & on. But I had every excuse in the book that other investments were ‘more important’ now.

Then a gentle nudge {luckily the overheat did not destroy, just woke me up!} told me

‘It’s time to GROUND more than ever before’

For over ten years, wanderlust & the Thirst of the Quest had me working from a laptop- always ready to leave at a moments notice.

But as I’ve settled into not just my physical home here in San Diego, but myself and knowing I am safe where I am {always…. Even when we convince ourselves we are not }, it became clear a simple yet profound switch was needed.

Who knew the simple replacing of a fried laptop with a desktop could be so paradigm shifting.

New work space in the studio.

Plants that wanted to join to help.

A certain feline who refuses to leave {we’re looking at you, Shakti}.

A cozy nook in the studio ready to hold me in the creation of so much I’ve felt ‘stuck’ on recently.

As I walked in the door holding the box, it hit me:

My book will be written on this.

My vision will come alive here.

My dream will finally feel grounded enough to be born.

And a feeling that many new clients will sit in this very space to explore their courage and their hearts deeper than ever before.

E X P A N S I O N is real folks- and we never know where it’s going to take us ❤️

Maybe it won’t take you anywhere except deeper into the home of your H E A R T.

Which is really the best kind of quest there is:

The Quest of a Lifetime, I’d say.

Now to deal with the cell phone my puppy dropped & cracked yesterday….

F R E S H energy all around with this potent eclipse ❤️

Jennifer Blackstock