If It Doesn't Scare You It Isn't Real

This motto right here is my sure-fire, down and dirty litmus test to determine if something I'm contemplating is going to stretch, grow & support me- in all the right ways ⚡️

Are you facing-or have you ever faced- a point in your life where every part of you is a Hell Yes AND you are simultaneously shaking in your boots scared of it?

These points are gateways offering us a golden opportunity:

To step forward- despite the excuses, the 'impossibles', the patterns, the doubts, and the fears- into the E X P A N S I O N that is being Called of us.

We each have a choice in how we move forward in life.

And as we commit to grow and EMBODY all of who we are, these choices become more often, more potent, more expansive...

IF we have the courage to see that the fear arising is just a gateway.

A gateway to LOVE. A gateway to EXPANSION. A gateway to VISIBILITY. And a gateway to the TRUTH of who you are.

And what happens when we see that what we desire IS REAL- and is just on the other side of that fear?

Well- the world becomes a whole new place to play.

These past two months I've faced many of these gateways, and this week I said YES to all of them.

Even though they scare me. In fact- BECAUSE they scare me.

Because that fear- it's just expansion knocking on the door to see if you are really committed to what you say you are going to do.

Am I scared? Damn straight I am!

Would it be easy to walk away and stay with the status quo?

You bet it would be!

Am I going to GO FOR IT anyway?


So I want to know- what gateway are you standing at?

Where might the fear be pointing you towards your freedom?

What possibilities are just on the other side of trusting your heart that this thing you dream of & desire is REAL... And is just waiting for you to cross on over to play?

Comment below ?? so we can all share the in the fears that are just begging to set us all free.

You never know- your tale of courage could spark a revolution ?⚡️

Jennifer Blackstock