It's More than Luck

It's more than LUCK

Sometimes I forget just how far things have come in the 8+ years I've been at this healer/ coaching/ embodiment/ entrepreneur calling.

Most of the time it's a balancing act of one foot forward, looking ahead, gathering courage, and learning from mistakes & triumphs.

Someone recently said to me-through tears during a massive breakthrough- that it must be 'Easy' for me because I've been 'Lucky' that I created the business & life I have now.

But I'm pretty sure LUCK has nothing to do with it.

And it sure as hell hasn't always been Easy...

Sure there are divine coincidences and unexpected opportunities that have helped along the way, but those are always there for all of us.

The real luck- if it's even that- comes from being fiercely... One could even say obsessively.... Dedicated to always expanding, always pushing my edges, always taking risks and being willing to fail.

And fail I have. A LOT. My first business ruined me financially, which was ultimately one of my biggest triumphs from all I learned from it.

So when anyone prays for luck I say by all means-

Pray {I do EVERY SINGLE DAY before I do anything else}

But more importantly- Do the inner work.

Stretch yourself.

Trust yourself.

Take action- even if you don't want to, don't think you can, or are scared it won't work.

Commit. Commit. Commit.

Because sometimes- it will 'magically' work. And then will work again. And again.

Today I took an action that could be the biggest expansion I've ever taken. And yes- it will take quite a bit of 'Luck' to make it come true.

So here I am, making the 'luck' happen in the actions after sitting in meditation to clear out the fears standing between me and that place.

And you can be sure I'll be praying about it tonight, tomorrow and the next day.

With a healthy dose of Surrender mixed in ?

Lucky isn't born. Lucky is created.

All in perfect timing.

Jennifer Blackstock