Living Stillness



Several years ago, this phrase began to infuse itself into my life, my work and my movements.

The paradox of what it means to be a living, breathing, moving being while simultaneously mastering the place of Stillness within.

Of being strong yet flexible.

Of being utterly of this world- and not.

Of being clear on what you want AND open to receive even better.

Of finding center. Trusting rest. Honoring that all things come in their right timing.

Knowing the wisdom contained in the Silence.

And ultimately, finding that sweet surrender that comes when the Visions have been seen, the actions have been taken, the structures put into place... And all that's left to do is KNOW- with every cell of your being- that it's all coming together.


This week that Call to return to Living Stillness came rushing through. After weeks of do do do, tiny steps and big leaps of faith, a big loud HALT screamed from my body.

Rest. Open. Play.

Listen. Deeper.

Remember your friends Silence and Stillness. And their love child Surrender.

A Call not to stop the momentum or hold myself back, but rather to regroup, relax, and prepare for the next leg of the journey ahead.

And so I drop into rest. I trust the need to close the computer, turn off the phone, forsake the To Do's and instead- turn up the music of my heart.

And listen. Deeply. With love-fully alive and participating.

All in due time- she says.

All is coming- you already know...

All in trust of the Living Stillness that serves us ALL- she whispers...

So my question for each of you- can you have the courage to lay down and listen to what the Living Stillness is whispering to you?

Jennifer Blackstock