Miracles are Everywhere

We never know how a Miracle will appear- today it was in the form of a fall off a big horse.

My first fall in over 20 years.

This morning I prayed for that Miracle on my drive. Life has been moving fast these days, and somewhere in the mix my body, mind and spirit have all been trying their hardest to keep up.

Most days it's felt amazing & blissful. Others it's been days & nights of stress & 'figuring it all out'.

Thing is when we are in a space of 'figure out', we are most certainly not in a space of FEELING.

So when all the FEELS hit me last night after a string of figure out days, I asked for help in the matter from God & my guides in a simple prayer:

Please show me a Miracle today.

Of course, when we ask for miracles we secretly hope for life-changing news, a big offer or lottery wins

Instead today, it turned out to be a graceful {I hope} tumble over a horse's head after a big spook.... straight to the ground in a THUMP.

And a Miracle it certainly was

I was fine. The horse was definitely fine. I survived. In fact I got right back on after a few shakes & a solid hug with my trainer.

The fear & anticipation of when it would finally happen cleared {because falls are sort of part of the deal when you ride}.

And the answers to most of the riddles I've been tripping over this week became clear.

As the hours have passed, the adrenaline's been releasing, and my body has slowly been getting sore, what's most Miraculous has been the waves upon waves of EPIC gratitude crashing over, through & around me.

Going fast, expansion & giant leaps are awesome, but stopping to enjoy, recognize + CELEBRATE all the beauty & support around us is even better.

How blessed we are heart emoticon

Some bubbly and wedding cake tasting this evening should do the trick to relax & heal

Jennifer Blackstock