No. 98: Devotion

bhakti udrekad viraktasya ya drsi jayate matih

saa shakti- shaankaree nityam


taam tatah shivah

Be wildly devoted to someone, or something.

Cherish every perception.

At the same time, forget about control.

Allow the Beloved to be herself and to change.

Passion and compassion, holding and letting go-

This ache in your heart is holy.

Accept that as the rise of intimacy

With life’s secret ways.

Devotion is the divine streaming through you

From that place in you before time.

Love’s energy flows through your body,

Toward a body, and into eternity again.

Surrender to this current of devotion

And become one with the Body of Love.

The Radiance Sutras #98- Dr. Lorin Roche

 Click HERE to download a recording of me reciting this poem.

Hello love,

I’ve been quiet over here on the home front for the past few weeks as I’ve been immersed in a form of devotion known as the Writing Womb. As I’ve ventured further and further into this womb of creation, I’ve been thinking of all of you and how thrilled I am to finally be revealing more of this work over the coming weeks and months.

Being in this space is always fascinating. Time seems to stand still. Ideas of how I thought things would look change. Whole ways to present what I want to teach morph into other mediums. Plans get scrapped even when almost done. New offerings are born out of thin air. What I think in one moment is a course all of a sudden I’m writing a book proposal for.

And getting an agent hook up.

And then wanting nothing to do with the project at all after spending 6 sleepless nights writing a 60 page book proposal. Then coming back for more after a hearty break.

So needless to say, my silence here has not been total silence. I just haven’t felt that anything I’ve written was ready to reveal to others- yet. So as I contemplated the hows and whats and whens of The Heroine’s Odyssey, one word kept streaming through:


Devotion to the craft. Devotion to the moment. Devotion to allowing and surrendering to however, whenever and whatever form this all wants to take.

When I think of the word Devotion, I think of it’s meaning of love, loyalty and enthusiasm. And I use those three words as my compass with anything and everything that I create, send or offer. If these three aren’t all present, then what I am doing is not in full devotion.

And so I wait. Or stop. Or change direction.

Which takes patience. And sometimes- oftentimes- Devotion in the form of being almost ready to throw it all away time and time again.

Devotion is also one of the 16 stages of The Heroine’s Odyssey- perhaps the most simple but also the most complex to understand.

To be truly Devoted, we must get out of our own way, listen to our own intuition and sometimes be willing to throw away the game plan and go with the current of what is happening in the here and now.

What are you currently Devoted to? Do you even know? Or is the answer so clear, you want to scream it from the rooftops?

For me, my Devotion is simple. So today- a simple promise to each of you- and an offering.

I vow to be in Devotion to The Heroine’s Odyssey.

I vow to be in Devotion to The Unbridled Life.

I vow to be in Devotion to each of you- my private clients, readers, friends, family & tribe.

I vow to be in Devotion to only writing here when I have something real to say. Something with meaning. Something that speaks truth and integrity with the intention of touching your hearts and lighting your souls on fire.

I vow to be in Devotion to being of service in whatever way I’m being called in the present moment.

And I vow to be in Devotion in teaching this in whatever way feels right at the right time.

Jennifer Blackstock