It's hard to believe it's been a month today since this majestic being entered my life.

While I was casually looking, it still took me by surprise that: 1. It could happen so fast 2. It could be so EASY and 3. The exact amount of money needed would arrive at exactly the right time.

And in a flash, it feels like my whole world flipped upside down- shaking out all the loose parts, things that no longer served, and kicking to the curb anything that isn't in alignment with being the woman who can steward (notice: not own, steward) such a being.

A few people have asked me if maybe it's 'Too Much'. A year full of wedding, new business developments, writing (and soon shopping) a book proposal and now adding on top of it welcoming Oliver into my life.

To me, it's absolutely NOT too much.

Sure there are days I stress, where the numbers feel off, the budgets feel massive or the schedule looks like I need to be in two places at once (like Hermione in Harry Potter!)

And: This is what Expansion looks like.

I know that each step I've been guided on has been for a reason:

The wedding with my love is to form a solid container for the future.

Oliver serves a role in my own Heroine's Odyssey, which is part of my book.

I need my physical outlets in order to create.

And my business fuels it all.

And that's the secret key: AND

I began to live my life according to The Rule of AND

That ALL things are possible, no longer playing in the land of either/or.

With this Rule of AND comes an unbelievable, often mystical, version of TRUST unlike anything I've experienced before.

New patterns and stories are being written daily as releasing of old ones pass.

So what is your AND? What are you telling yourself 'can't be' as long as this 'other thing' is too?

I never knew so much power was held in this single word of AND-at times I doubt it still.

Until I drive up to the barn, look into these sweet eyes, ground my body + soul in the dirt + sweat, and feel the full power of Oliver beneath my legs and in my hands.

Miracles are literally around every corner- and it helps when we are looking for them 

Jennifer Blackstock