On Reflection & Forgiveness

If we really want to love we must learn how to forgive. -Mother Theresa

It seems like every year, this date sneaks up on me.

I wasn’t planning to write about the 9/11 anniversary today. In fact, I had something totally different ready to go out to you all, but this morning after deep reflection, I felt like this topic of reflection, forgiveness and living life authentically needed to come out.

Where were you the day of 9/11/2001? What were you thinking, doing, living, being? And how has that changed since 9/11?

For me, I was a bright-eyed, ambitious student in my senior year of college. I was on my way to summa cum laude and top student in my major, economics, and was ready to take on the world and make a huge impact. I had spent the previous semester in a special program called the Wall Street Semester that Drew University is well known for, and worked everyday in World Trade 1. The morning of, I was on a walk around Madison, NJ- the first week of classes back, and I was already fighting with my roommates over boys and families and parties and all sorts of things. It was weighing on me that morning, so I got my body moving fast- one of my best tricks to overcome feeling stuck or angry.

I’ll never forget the feeling that morning as I looked at the clear blue sky with clouds moving in, and I promised myself that I would always respect myself, and that this year would be different- this year, I would work to achieve my dreams of making an impact on the world. {Somehow, I had this ‘crazy’ idea back then that I could combine into an awesome job my love of business theory with my love of mythology- my two majors. Doesn’t seem so crazy now that I look at where my work is headed!}. But then, all of that shattered when I walked in the door and saw the second tower being hit on the television. I thought it was a movie. And then I realized that the clouds I had seen were not in fact clouds, but smoke from 15 miles away. And my dreams were put on the backburner. I soon after started to party pretty hard and eventually took a job that sucked away my soul for quite some time at what we affectionately called The Evil Empire. Having the courage to get out 5 years ago was the first step to change, and now, as Joseph Campbell calls it, the Hero’s Journey has entered a new phase in my life {we’ll be talking a lot more about The Hero’s Journey in the coming months and I can’t wait!}.

Looking back, the dreams of a girl who wanted to change the world shattered that day too, and it’s only been in the past 10 months that my original vision of marrying my many interests into my work- my mission- on this earth has begun in earnest. And I’m beginning to see just how powerful our stories and history are to living the life we want to live. Our country changed that day in many ways, and it almost feels like the past year or so, many people are waking up and realizing just how much, and how a return to one’s authentic self- and dreams for the future- are not only allowed again, but are necessary for our evolution. But first, before we can move forward, we must accept and heal so that we can move toward embodying the world we want to live in.

And an essential part of that is focusing on Forgiveness.

Forgiveness is, in my opinion, the number one, most powerful healing tool we can utilize. It literally can move boulders in our hearts, end illness in our bodies, and shift relationships that were toxic and killing. I want to share a simple, wonderful Forgiveness Practice below that everyone- regardless of religious beliefs, time constraints, or other excuses- can use on a regular basis. This is my power tool, and it feels like today, on the anniversary of 9/11, it’s just as important as ever for all of us to practice more often.

But first, I have an announcement to make. I have spoken with many of you privately, but it’s time to just come out with it. As you might have guessed, I am making changes to my life and business after all of the reflection I have undertaken in the past 10 months. It has become very clear to me that for me to birth the mission I feel is my work in the world right now, how I work with people and how my business is structured needs to change to create the space for that to happen.

Specifics will be released in the coming month, but for now, I need to inform you that the last day that I will be seeing clients for in-person CranioSacral Therapy and in-person energy work in the current services will be October 30, 2013.

I will then be taking a short sabbatical for the month of November, after which my new services and programs will officially begin!! These programs will be announced October 8th with the launch of my new website (technology permitting!). I am beyond excited to begin offering my work in a whole new way and everything in my being knows that this is how I can best serve all of you, so please know that am doing this to be the most effective healer I can be and provide the best quality services & support that I can provide.

I tell you all this now, so that you can begin to book any remaining sessions you may have if you wish to use them for in-person work. If you do not use any remaining sessions, they will be transferred to healing and coaching work via telephone/ skype. MANY have already made the switch to virtual work and the healing and transformations I’ve witnessed have been breathtaking! But I know several of you have expressed interest in making sure you come in while in-person is still available, so October 30th is the last date that is available. My calendar is up to date and all available times are up there, so start booking so you don’t miss your chance!

I’ve never been so sure and so excited to launch programs, so I hope you can get excited with me <3

Now- Forgiveness. This is simple in steps, but profound in impact:

1. Chose a topic you wish to work on forgiving. It could be a certain event, relationship, food, money, religion, something you did, something another did to you… whatever is creating a ‘charge’ in your life right now or you want to move on from

2. Write down everything you can about this particular subject you would like to ask forgiveness around. Start with the easy. Write down 20-75 things about this (or more if you have the time). Include your feelings around it- anger, sadness, resentment, guilt… anything that comes up. Don’t get stuck on what to write- just let it pour out from your heart in whatever needs to be said.

3. When you feel the list is complete, go back to the beginning. Start with the first line, read it out loud, and then repeat the following:

I forgive you

I’m sorry

I love you

I release you

Now cross out that line. Go to the second thing you write down. Say it out loud, then repeat the above phrase. Cross it out. Go to the next item. Rinse. Repeat.

4. After you have read each item and repeated the Forgiveness Mantra for each, destroy the paper. You can either burn it, or shred it, or cut it up- whatever feels right. Just be really safe with fire!!

5. Treat yourself to something comforting and soothing. You may be feeling raw and emotional, or you could feel light and free. Whatever came up, be with it and allow it to work it’s way through. Journal if you want to, or take a walk or bath. Just treat yourself well and with loving kindness. Then over the coming days, notice what has shifted. If something is still coming up, do another round of forgiveness. Perhaps once a week, until you feel like you don’t need to anymore.

Notice how much your life changes, your body heals, and your heart feels free <3 And share with us any shifts you experience, or where forgiveness has been key in your healing, below.

Jennifer Blackstock