Show Me How to Live

Hello Love,

Recently, I was in a deep session with the energy healer I have been working with all year, Ataana, and he asked me a simple question- one I hear often {and also ask of others}:

What is it that you DO in the world?

It took me aback at first- I’d been working with him for months and for certain- I should have known the answer right away, right?

But in that moment, words escaped me and everything went blank.

Then it happened- a song came flooding into my consciousness, and I started to laugh.

You know the song- you probably sang it in your head unconsciously when you read the title of this email-

Show Me How to Live

by Audioslave (Haven’t heard it? You can listen on Spotify HERE>>).

Yes- even my spiritual messages come to me infused with a little bit of rock-n-roll.

The answer was so simple yet so profound- everything I write, every session I hold, every piece of content I create has one simple meaning- to reveal more and deeper ways of how to live a full, awakened, embodied life.

Showing you how to live.

This is my Service in the world- in whatever way I can I’m dedicated to sharing ways I know that can help facilitate this in addition to numerous other ways you and only you can find. And right now it’s showing up with certain topics to discuss, and as time goes on so too will the topics and theories progress and change.

Hmmm, well if this is my Service, what I ‘Do’ in the world, then I want to know-

What is YOUR answer to this question?

If you don’t know, are you willing to take the steps to find out? Or step further into what you already know to be True?

Recently, I’ve been witnessing many women giving up on their dreams, experiencing fear of their own power, or feeling discouraged with their jobs, their industries, their relationships and many other factors in life. I’ve had several clients want to quit being a healer or coach because of things they are seeing in the industry or not making as much as they want to. I’ve seen hedge fund managers want to run far away from the heat of their work, I’ve seen doctors put their practice up for sale to seek something more meaningful. I’ve seen successful entrepreneurs close up shop, move home and look for ‘normal’ jobs again.

In each of these situations, hope had been lost. Fear had come rushing in. Scarcity had reared it’s ugly head again when the abundance dried up- or seemed to anyway. As I shared as few weeks ago, even for myself major things happened in my own life this year that took the wind out of my sails and had me reach deep within to find my connection to Faith once again (things that had nothing to do with my work or this tribe, but impacted me just the same).

After the session where I got clear on what it is I DO in the world, the next question for several weeks became: How do I continue to show up in utter Service and Love on a daily basis- as well as in the bigger picture?

And more importantly, how do EACH OF US show up in Service & Love?

I had so many responses after my last post, The Moments that Define Us, from women AND men saying they had experienced similar things the first half of the year, and really needed to know how to change the tide and come back into a state of Grace, Miracles & Abundance.

My Answer:
True Meaning....

To do so, we must take a Leap of Faith.

Many of you wrote to me that you are in that Leap right now… but instead of it feeling like a leap, it’s more like a free fall.

Awesome- keep going. That Free Fall feeling means you are getting close to earning your wings.

In taking this Leap of Faith {or any you are presently contemplating} can you have the Courage to open your heart to how you are being asked to show up in the world in full Service & Love?

This one gets a little tricky, I know. For most of us, we’ve grown up thinking that to be in Service means that we won’t make enough money, or that to work for a noble cause or something that lights your fire means that you can’t live in abundance. For some reason, we’ve come to believe that to do what your heart calls you to do means sacrificing abundance and prosperity to do so. Or that to be in Service, you must work for yourself, be an entrepreneur, or give up the industry/ relationship/ security of what is already working.

Mentalities such as starving artists, poor healers, you can’t make a living doing what you love, it’s not noble to stay in corporate or stay at home and a million other excuses further complicates this.

I’m here to tell you- ideas such as this are only true if you make them true.

It’s so ingrained in our collective consciousness that sometimes we don’t see just how false these beliefs are, and how all it takes is a mental and heart switch into another reality:

That you can do what you love, show up as you, be of Service AND live in abundance.

I’ve seen and heard a lot of people in the spiritual/ self-help/ coaching world talk recently about what is wrong with the industry, why things aren’t working, what shadows are up to be cleared. I can’t tell you how many groups, calls, events I’ve been invited to to address just this topic alone this summer.

Here’s my take: Simply put, we all need to come back in our hearts to operating from a place of Service & Love. To make every decision, offering, collaboration, partnership, class, interaction from this place. If we aren’t coming from this deep place of Service & Love, then we aren’t showing up fully in the world. And this goes for any industry you are in, in any form of work you are doing.

If there is anything I’ve learned over the past 6 years about how to live, it’s this:

Approach everything you touch, say, create and destroy from a place of Service & Love, and all of your needs will be met- and more.

In the Spirit of this, I've decided that over the next several weeks, I will be 'Opening My Vault' to gift all of you several of my programs, meditations, and other content that no one has had access to before except my 1:1 clients. I will also be announcing a special 'Pay What You Can' for my birthday next week that you won't want to miss!

So Gift #1 comes to you today:

Celebrating Abundance: A 40 Day Practice eBook.

The original intention of this program was that it would always be free, and more than 500 people have taken part in this practice since last year. It's time we all step into the spirit of celebrating and the energy of abundance and love.

Therefore, I'm happy to gift to you today- at no cost- the new and improved, updated 2015 version of Celebrating Abundance: A 40 Day Practice eBook.

You can download your copy HERE>> Celebrating Abundance- A 40 Day Practice eBook

This 40 Day Practice is what I turn to time and time again for the past 5 years- especially when all the how's, what's, when's, how much's & why's come screaming all at once and I need to silence the noise to come back to the Truth-

It all comes back to Service & Love.


Back to that moment a few weeks ago in my session:
If one of the ways I’m here to be of Service in the world is to simply show others how to live, then I have a Divine Obligation to make sure I am doing that in as many ways as possible: in every action, offering, interaction and decision I make.

Many reached out to me last month expressing interest in Alchemy Rising and my other offerings, but circumstances and finances were not making it possible. I fielded emails of distress and longing and hope. I took these inquiries seriously, sat with what I needed to do to open the possibility while honoring the integrity of the containers of my programs, and discovered answers it’s high time I act on:

I’ve heard The Call for more interaction, less social media, more live in-person, less ‘obligation’, more living in the flow, plus more access points to these theories and myths at various investment levels outside of my high-end programs.

The Celebrating Abundance: A 40 Day Practice eBook is just the beginning.

More gifts and announcements are on the way over the coming weeks PLUS I’ll be announcing a new forum where I can step further into Service to each of you no matter where you are in the world and at no cost at all to you. Stay tuned for more information about Sacred Flame Radio and all the fun that is just about to begin on the airwaves next month.

Gift #2:
I've also have numerous women and men reach out recently asking if I could create a package that allowed them access to me and this work without a long-term commitment or group element. I'm feeling a deep call to offer my work to men again and be available outside of my programs in a way that honors the depth of this work.

I sat with this for months to decide what felt right and it's appeared: The Miracles + Liberation Package. To learn more, simply click HERE.

In fact, my entire menu of offerings has undergone an overhaul based on your requests- some programs are gone, an old favorite has returned. You can learn more HERE.

Why am I doing this? Because it’s about high time that I step further into the truth of what I do here in the world in as many ways as I can, and my deepest desire is to see each of you step further into your OWN versions of Service & Love- whatever that means for you in this time of your life.

It all comes back to Service & Love.


If it no longer feels like Service & Love, it has to go.

If it's begging to come back I dare not stand in the way.

If it's bursting to be created, it's high time I heed The Call.

And from that everything else will flow.

This Truth I know, and from this Truth I walk forward sourced from the depths of my heart.

So much clarity has been reached since I made this decision to gift this here, so many gifts offered (and received) beyond my imagination, so many things to come I'm just scratching the surface of what is possible.

My heart is so full today as the spirit of Service & Love runs hot in my veins. This spirit of being Alive.

It’s a feeling I wish for all of you, and something I am dedicated to helping you explore.

This is just one way I have chosen and will continue to choose to move forward- offering from my heart in whatever way feels true for right now- to always be in deepest Service to Love.

Stay tuned- There are many more gifts coming in the next few weeks that I can't wait to give you!
In Liberation + Celebration,
Jen Blackstock

Jennifer Blackstock