Straddling Two Worlds

Recently, I've found myself seemingly stuck between two worlds- a new twist in my concept The Heroine's Odyssey that's suddenly springing back to life ?

In one world, I run a business and lead a very 'public' life as Jen Blackstock: sharing my heart, my tears, my triumphs & my failures across social media & other channels. Where I practice fierce spiritual practices, dance with my shadows, take a stand and own my Truth, time and time again {even when It's edgy to do so}.

 An almost Magical existence in the Ordinary world- one could say

In the other world, I'm simply: Jen.

I'm goofy & serious & awkward in groups. I love my bubbly, pizza & coffee. I wake up early to head to a barn where I get filthy dirty, clean up horse shit, mend sores and ride my heart out.

I come home to my Love Matt smelling of leather & dirt & love...

 An Ordinary existence that feels truly Magical

Then back to clients, sessions & sharing my art- Stepping into the other world once again.

Straddling. Sometimes gracefully, other times... Not.

In The Heroine's Odyssey, these worlds- the Ordinary & Magical- run side by side but cross only once... At the space where Freedom intersects with the next Call.

You see- this intersection is exactly where I've been for months.

Several old versions of ME are intersecting into something brilliant and some days it feels like I'm learning to walk all over again.

To traverse two worlds while simultaneously present in both has been a feat- one that's both inspired & confused me.

You see- no one ever told me that to be a healer, part of my path would be the need to live a public life. When I started 9 years ago, it wasn't even a 'thing' yet to do so.

There are times I want to be Ordinary & times I want to be Magical. For so long I thought they couldn't be one and the same.

I've known something has been changing lately- for SO many of us- and today I finally saw its not change, but a merging.

We can be Magical & Ordinary.

We can be Priestess & Wife/ Lover/ Friend.

The Healer & The Healed.

Fierce & Soft. Angry & Peace. Strong & Vulnerable.

We can be Public & Private.

We can be Whole. And Expanding.

And Free 



Jennifer Blackstock