Sunday Rituals

Sunday Rituals 

It's funny really: how we can go about life thinking we're living full out, and then something or someone comes along and sweeps us off our feet into deeper, richer forms of living life to its fullest.

Up until a few months ago, I thought my life was already pretty awesome, and then one day- I put the boots back on.

And then one day not too long after, I met a horse who brought me back to life- or rather  more fully into life

I can't explain it other than I met my full mirror. And in speaking to him, loving him, trusting him almost daily, I've learned more ways to speak to, love & trust myself.

Sunday's always feel like the icing on the cake- something inevitably 'clicks' from the lessons of the week- both in and out of the saddle ?- and I cruise into some deeper understanding of who I am and how I move.

Today- it was a realization that took me by surprise- my greatest fear isn't falling off or even getting hurt again.

My greatest fear is actually going so fast, so in flow that I might 'lose control'. Or 'worse' even, feel so steady in the speed that I enjoy it SO much... that I might actually, finally feel free.

And so I hold back- not for fear of falling, but rather fear of TRULY RISING

How this applies out of the saddle as well is so striking, I can only laugh at how silly we humans can be- wanting & desiring while holding ourselves back from exactly that thing we say we want.

So here I am- another Sunday, another lesson, another revelation. Trusting that in seeing this truth this week, I can let go of some of the control and know even more fully now that I CAN handle the speed- and more

Jennifer Blackstock