The Art of Being Open

The Art of Being OPEN

The past few days I’ve been deep in contemplation over how we as women show up, what it takes to move forward, where faith plays a role, and what happens when- in the name of being Open- we actually mistakenly close the doors and our hearts to the miracle that was just on the other side.

A few weeks ago I held a retreat here at Unbridled Life Studios in San Diego. It was a weekend of fire & Grace, laughter & tears, openings and new beginnings.

Plans put into place. Businesses born. Old restrictions cast aside. New friends made. Connections deepened.

So much opening. So much heart. So much living life fully alive.

After such expansion, contraction is to be expected.

Temptation to return to old ways creeps back in.

Feelings of ‘Is this safe’ rear their heads begging to be heard.

Power is power, light is light, expansion is expansion…. and well- sometimes it feels safer to not feel it, not be it, not experience it any further than to allow it to stay for good.

And so somewhere in the vow to be open, we fall into old patterns of closed again- sometimes just the window a bit, sometimes by slamming the door shut.

The real trick- the real art- to honing in on how to live life fully then, isn’t JUST in the expansion and showing up. In some ways, those first steps are actually the easiest.

No- the art actually lies in learning to stay Open even when you want to run away from your own power & light.

Staying in the saddle even when the blinding light of your brilliance spooks you.

Standing tall in your faith even when it appears to not be working yet, or you stumble, or you even fall.

Opening and opening more-to love, to growth, to power, to grace.

To becoming all of YOU.

I’ve reopened my Open Sessions precisely because I’m seeing so much of this the past few weeks.

2016 is shaping up to be an Epic year, and you certainly don’t need to walk this path alone.

No more hiding.

No more quitting before the miracle.

No more settling for just enough anymore.

You can learn more about my Open Session {available virtually and in-person in Carlsbad, CA} at

Opening is an art, and willingness is the first step.

Jennifer Blackstock