The Books that Change Us

There are books that in reading them, change the fabric of our being. And then there are books that in reading them, we understand that they ARE our being.

I've read this version of the Helen of Troy myth several times {and other accounts} but something this time was different. All the others I was wrapped up in studies, classes or personal dramas.

But this time I got a rapid fire glimpse into the fabric of my soul with every turn of the page.

So many threads of my own story.

So many realizations of who I am and what I came here to do this time around.

So many glimpses at an ancient past that's consumed my dreams my entire life and led me to seek a university degree in the ancient world.

But the lightening bolt ⚡️ struck at the end of the book, when Helen asks in a moment of struggle:

'Was my fate always tied up with horses?'

And I realized- this has been my fate all along. When I've denied it, I've struggled. When I've embraced it, I've thrived.

The past few weeks, I've been in a quiet struggle truly embracing the one thing I know is the key to my own fate.

Not believing I deserve it.

Not knowing what comes when I finally step on the earth in a full Yes.

Not trusting that I'm ready.

But today I own that fate. I know what's next. I trust where I'm going.

We all have our 'thing' that threads throughout our fate.
For some it may be the plants, for others a cove, or the body, or a symbol, or a noble cause, or the stars, a word or...

For me it's the animals- and the horse in particular. I might never have known this if I hadn't been cut off from it for so many years in the city and beyond.

Now that I'M back, it's simultaneously breathtaking and terrifying at where my path is leading as I allow the Spirit of the Horse- held in such high reverence by the Trojans- to speak through my heart.

What we do with this thread of fate is our choice.

How we choose to steward our gift is up to us.

We can be in struggle. Or we can be in peace.

It doesn't mean it's going to be easy every day. But it's guaranteed to be the gift of a lifetime- once we are TRULY open to it ❤️

Jennifer Blackstock