The First Steps on Your Adventure

Hello Love,

Are you willing to die over and over again to this experience of being truly ALIVE?

This phrase came flying out of my mouth the other day in the middle of a client session, where years of deep inner work had led her to a new edge in her growth- going beyond the mastery of self-love and into the realm of falling madly in love with Life.

I could hardly believe it when I said it, but as I’ve sat with it, mulled over it, contemplated it the past few days, I see more and more how perfect it is in where I have been, and where this journey is taking me- taking each of us– in this adventure called LIFE.

You see- it’s a big week over here. One year ago, I launched this wild experiment called The Unbridled Life.

I took my chances, set sail for a new shore. I had NO clue where it was going to lead me. Like- I truly had NO idea if it would work. Some of you might be shocked to know just how fully I put everything on the line for this.


It was a total leap of faith- let me tell you, I certainly earned my wings by stepping fully into this fire- and I learned some amazing lessons along the way of what dying to this experience of being fully ALIVE really means… what this experience of being Unbridled entails…

And one of the core truths of The Unbridled Life is this: To continuously push our edges of what is possible, what we can dream into reality and what we can create in our service to the world.

This takes courage, awareness and a willingness to have lot of fun- even if at times we are standing in the fires of transformation. 

Over the next few weeks and months, I’ll be sharing more about how to walk the path of embodiment & liberation all while honoring the call of your souls longing. And with this I’ll reveal a whole new way that YOU can begin to consciously take part in YOUR own adventure.

Jennifer Blackstock