The Gold Hidden in our Dreams


For the past month- after a potent session with a new mentor in the desert- I’ve been having regular vivid/ lucid dreams directing me to two things:

1. To re-explore the mythology of Helen of Troy and

2. To learn more about the Legend of the White Horse

The intensity of the dreams picked up when I started to form a strong bond with a beautiful grey/ white gelding in my daily riding lessons. The dreams have only intensified and the call for Stillness to listen deeper has been clear, so this weekend I unplugged to listen intently.

I started with the cards which I finally bought for myself and the first card I pulled… directed me to the legend of Helen of Troy- of course.

So after a long ride I went to re-purchase this book, which I read a few times when I was still in finance and was a key in unlocking my body all those years ago.

A few chapters in and I’m already seeing just how much I needed all of the messages streaming through. Things that didn’t make sense the first and even second time I read this- now are beacons of light.

I’ve been to many of the physical sites associated with this myth when I studied in Greece as part of my degree in Classical Mythology. I remember bursting into tears on battle sites and spent hours meditating in huts on mountains that used to be shrines… and my 20 year old self could not understand why.

It’s taken years and journeys since, recently returning to equestrian and saying yes to marriage, for me to see so much of what I’m being asked to bring forth in my creative world right now.

And it feels like a shift into a whole new phase of life is taking root. As uncomfortable as it feels as old ways die & new ways are being born, I know deep in my bones this shift is beautiful and epic- much like Helen of Troy herself.

It’s amazing what comes in dreams.

It’s beautiful what lessons are right there when we open to them.

It’s breathtaking what happens when we finally have the courage to listen.

What may your dreams be whispering to you to explore and create? ?⚡️

Jennifer Blackstock