The Happy Place

This right here sums up the past 6 months of my life.

Seeing this sign at DisneyLand in line for Splash Mountain a few weeks ago made me stop in my tracks at the depth of its Truth to my experience of life these days.

Growing up on a farm, connection with the critters & animals was just... Life. I could hear their thoughts and spent hours upon hours with the horses, multiple barn cats, dogs, and whatever else was scurrying around.

Then- life happened. College then Big Cities + jobs + social lives + apartments not allowing pets + well... more 'important' things took over.

My cat Shakti & dog Apollo gave me a taste of MY HAPPY PLACE again, and then my return to riding sealed the deal.

The heart connection between humans & animals is so where my heart is ❤️

I've received many emails, texts & messages about my panic attack the other day ??

Truth is, it was around a certain archetype of horse- presented in real time- who I couldn't establish connection with due to past trauma from a pony still hiding deep in my body & psyche.

Facing the panic was one thing, but what perhaps caused the most pain was that it felt like connection was impossible.

And so- I took care of it, of me, of my heart that was too scared to go there.

Once that cleared and connection was made...


you might even say things were better all around ??

I feel so blessed to have the chance to start bringing these opportunities for connection with a herd of magical animals to many of you very very soon.

Stay tuned

Jennifer Blackstock