The Healing Power of Bankruptcy


There are times in life where I feel utterly humbled by the miracles and healing, magic and expansion, pain and discomfort and All. The. Things. that add up to the wild and crazy adventure of life we have the honor to live.

These past few weeks, it felt like my entire insides were shifting onto a new platform, twisting & turning, watching & growing into something new that couldn't even be perceived from the outside.

Deep deep down in the corners of my heart. Where the secrets of who I am and where I am going were finally coming to the surface.

Healing is such a strange thing. At times it's raw and messy and everyone sees the unraveling happening.

Sometimes it's so subtle that everything looks the same, but is somehow... Different.

And then sometimes, it only comes by finally being a stand for yourself. For others. And for the whole of the Collective who need it.

Today is the 6 year anniversary of a decision that changed the trajectory of my life.

Not when I left my job. Not when I started my business or met my man. Not any of the standard 'anniversaries' anyone would ever celebrate. In fact most would probably do everything to forget it.

But for me, it was a day when I took my power back, stood tall in my worthiness, and made a difficult choice to always choose LOVE over numbers or shoulds or supposed tos.

A day I took responsibility for my actions and chose another way.

My first business had failed, I was in severe debt, and I was at the metaphorical fork in the road.

While I never looked back or have any regrets, every year- around this time-

I dance with the shadows & the light that came with my choice.

I revisit the lessons deeper & higher up in the spiral.

I say YES to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I fall on my knees in gratitude for the gifts my choice brought me.

Was it hard- YES

Would I change anything- NO

And this yearly tango with the divine to remind me of my power, my free will, my courage and my strength is always one of the best- and most humbling- seasons of my life.

For those also feeling this intensity right now:


You've SO got this.

And your Courage will set you FREE.

Always ⚡️

Jennifer Blackstock